Friday, January 29, 2016

One Hour Warhammer: Skaven vs Tomb Kings - Capture the Bridge Scenario

My son came to visit me today so we took in a few games of MtG and a game of One Hour Warhammer. The only painted armies I have ready so far are Tomb Kings and Skaven. We played the Capture the Bridgehead scenario from the One Hour Wargames book. It was a fun game. The Skaven prevailed.

My bone giant put a whopping on some mice but he ultimately fell.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

15mm Elves vs Barbarians - One Hour Wargames

I put on a fantasy demo of One Hour Wargames. Using 15mm Wood Elves and Barbarians. Both forces met at a small farming village. The ensuing battle was bloody for both sides with the Barbarians prevailing and holding the farms and main road through the village.  The game was fairly quick, it only lasted 12 turns.  One Hour Wargames is still the best set of rules I've purchased in years.

Elven Archers on their chariots take aim at the barbarian line.

Both sides move closer.

Taunting is fierce with the barbarians waving and dangling their genitals at the elves.

Final outcome with the Barbarians in control.