Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ser Arthur Woodwright, Knight of House Mormont

Ser Arthur of House Mormont. His father was a carpenter and his mother a baker.  Ser Arthur aspired to military arms since childhood and seemed to take naturally to the army.  After serving for the past 7 years as as cavalryman Ser Arthur was knighted following his heroic rescue of Lady Maege at the Battle of the Crossroads.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Second Game of Battles of Westeros

Used the scenario and marshalling cards to create my own custom scenario.  In the last game Lady Maege Mormont was captured by the Lannisters but was later freed by Ser Arthur Woodwright. During her brief captivity the Lannisters took a map from her that showed the location of Robb Stark's main force.  Though they were defeated their surviving lords escaped the battlefield back to a Lannister camp. Once there they were determined to regroup and set out at once to give this map to Lord Tywin. Could they escape the North and bring this intel back?

In this scenario one Lannister unit was designated as the courier. The AI had 4 turns to move the courier off the map on the other side of the board.  Although packing up their camp and making ready to move to another location the King in the North sent a small force of Northmen to capture that map and the nobles whom had it.

The game played out very quickly. In fact it took longer to set it up then to play it. So setup will be the next area I work on for conversion.

Lannister Commander Addam Marbrand escapes the board with the map.

Turn 1.


Northern Forces.

Lions of Lannister.

Turn 2.

First Game of Battles of Westeros

I purchased this game earlier this year due to my fondness of Memoir '44 and Game of Thrones. I thought it would be a good combo of the two. BoW is much more complex than M44. However I have found it lends itself well to modifying for solo play like M44 does.  Here are my first thoughts on the solo conversion. Also I like the B side of the playing map better than A.

Game Phases

*Captured Heroes: Can be freed if the capturing unit is later destroyed.

*A unit cannot move, attack or counterattack without an order.

*Place all command cards per faction into their own decks.

*Player Command Cards: Draw your hand from the deck based upon the scenario. Issue an order from your hand. Then draw a new card.

*AI Command Cards: Do not draw a hand. Draw one card at a time per command token.

* Rally Phase: Used to grant units a counterattack on the opposing sides turn. So if I move a unit of archers, attack with them and then rally them. On the AI turn that unit can counterattack if attacked by the enemy.

* Flag Order Tokens: Can be discarded to ignore a flag die result, to rally troops for a counterattack or used to increase morale by 1.

*A leader cannot issue an order to an equal or higher leaders unit.  Example I cannot spend a command token on Rickard Karstarks card to use a leadership card on Maege Mormonts attached unit.

*Archers cannot shoot into a close combat engagement unless both sides are enemies.

*Only one leader card used per turn per side.

*Turn Indicator Bar: Depending on the scenario converted to a Victory Points Bar. Kill a unit? Place the banner next to the bar corresponding to the number in the order it was captured. Place on the top side of the bar if Stark, place on the bottom side of the bar if Lannister. Some scenarios may require 4 or 6 Victory points. Same with objectives, capture and objective place it's token on the bar. Capture a hero? Place its model on the bar.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Bought this game back in June. Finally had time to sit down and play this past weekend. My son came to visit and we played for 7 hours. PACG is a lot of fun with rewarding game play.  I am contemplating creating character cards for Wulfgar and his retinue and even attempting to change the setting to other fantasy systems just for fun.

A great game and well worth the price.  We downloaded the printable character sheets to avoid marking on the character cards. After a couple of scenarios we changed the rules a bit in that we decided "Blessings & Spells" do not take an inventory space.  This could get you killed quicker but frees up room for weapons, armor and items.

Best of all PACG can be played solo; as my son lives and works in Little Rock we only see each other a few times a year.  But I am confident that this game has found a permanent spot on our gaming table next to MtG, Memoir '44 and Brigadier General.

Friday, June 6, 2014

D&D Dungeon Command: The Sting of Lolth

Picked up this box set yesterday at B&N. It has some nice pre-painted minis that I will post pictures of later. The game is diceless uses minis/cards in a way that seems similar to MtG. The rulebook and a very nice drow flyer were placed in the box catywampus so they were bent over on 2 edges.  I will give the game a test but most likely use the miniatures for other fantasy skirmish games.

The Black Forest

In the center of the Westerness lies the largest woodlands on Aeyr, the Black Forest. It is the realm of the Wild Elves or Wood Elves as they are called in some parts.  While the Wild Elves are a disparate mix of tribes and at times they have united in the ancient past to face common threats.  It is said the Wild Elves are those folk whom chose to remain behind when the once glorious Ulthantean Empire (High Elves) departed the Westerness to protect their fabled island home.

The Wild Elves have an animist religion and consider themselves the protectors of the forest.  Unknown to most of the humans of Westerness it is the Wild Elves that deal with many of the Beastmen hordes that pour from the swamps and wastelands of Ravenfell.  While most humans consider the Wild Elves to be a threat there are a few that are welcome in the human towns and villages.  Mostly merchants, most likely spies.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Portrait of Duchess Inyanna.

Duchess Inyanna of Foxcrest with her pet eagle, Huack.  Resplendent in her armor the Duchess strikes an imposing figure. This painting was commissioned to commemorate her victory (allegedly) in a campaign against an alliance of Wild Elf tribes.