Friday, April 4, 2014

15mm Armies for Game of Thrones

As I mentioned on my GoT page above that I've been wanting to do this for sometime. I've been deciding on what scale to use and have finally decided that I probably had enough 15mm models on hand to begin this project without having to spend money on other scales.

So I began an inventory of all my lead pile, which is about half of what it used to be, and discovered that I do indeed have plenty of models in 15mm to fit out several armies.  So I want to start with the Army of the North under Robb Stark followed up of course with a Lannister Western Army.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Westerness: Grand County of Ravenfell

The Grand County of Ravenfell
Sigil is a purple banner with a perched black raven silhouetted by a white moon.  Ravenfell is a dark and forboding country.  Rumors have it that the dead walk at night and that giant bats swoop down and snatch people for feasting.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Island Continent of Westerness.

The Island Continent of Westerness
The smallest continent in the world of Aeyr; is a group of islands known as the Westerness.  They are the western most lands in the known world at this time.  The chain consists of the big island of Westerness where a majority of the western folk live and then several smaller islands with little or no population.  At one time in the ancient past the Westerness was ruled as a single kingdom from the Ivory Throne in Valinor, but today it is made up of several smaller feudal petty kingdoms all of which vie for that ancient throne.  Nominally the petty rulers of the island come together once a year in the “House of Lords” in Valinor to elect a ruler for life from among themselves to sit upon the Ivory Throne but that hasn’t happened in 30 years.  No single princeling can manage enough votes from his peers to win the throne outright.  To be king the candidate must garner at least 6 votes.  In the last 100 years the voting privilege was extended to the two prime cults and the Grand Ranger of the Rangers’ Guild.   Recently however a new voting block has emerged, the two counts of Saargaten and Pravia are cousins on their mothers’ sides and grew up close together.  In last year’s election they both voted for the Count of Finnacht, but he was still 3 votes shy so no king and adjournment for another year.

The Westerness is unique in that humans are the only civilized race indigenous to the islands.  However there are a few monstrous races and threats to society.  As with the rest of the world there are goblinkind although in the least amount anywhere.  Goblins and orcs were all but exterminated in Westerness in ages past but a few tribes managed to escape and survive high in the mountains above Wolfthorn.  The greenskins have very rarely had the numbers much less the unity to make a concerted attack southwards.  Necromancers on occasion spring up but rarely do they live long enough to cause serious trouble.  Also as in the rest of the world demonic shadows lurk about and have been known to rise up to strike at one of the counties and in one instance many hundreds of years ago actually made a serious threat to all of the Westerness.

The Grand Duchy of Wolfthorn
Located in the mountainous northwest of Westerness.  Wolfthorne lies in snow most of the Aeyrian year.  It is said that Duke Wulfthestan’s rule is both fair and grim.  His warriors are hearty and rugged, preferring leather armor types for warmth and to avoid having their skin stick to their armor.  Sigil is a dark blue standard with the head of a white wolf.  Gen1, LH3, Sp2, Wb4, Bw2.

The Grand Duchy of Hawkridge
Hawkridge occupies the peaks of the Hawkridge Mountains in the central core of the island.  Duke Jokril III sits on the Aerie Throne.  To be a flying knight is the greatest honor among the Hawkridge warriors.  Their sigil is a gold hawk on a red standard.  Gen1, Kn2, Sw4, Bw2, Flyer3.

The Principality of Valinor 
Valinor is a grand city sitting on the eastern shore of the island. Valinor has been made wondrous by the former kings.  Its sigil is a golden crown on a purple standard.  The future king always bears the title of King of Westerness, Prince of Valinor followed by his home title.  In the absence of the king the Steward, Johaness I rules the city and care takes the Ivory Throne.  The Steward has a smaller throne in the royal court as he is not permitted to sit on the Ivory Throne.  In the past the Steward held no vote nor could he stand for election but over time this changed as the other lords all sought the Stewards favor in the election.  Gen1, Kn2, Sp6, Bw2, Art.

The Grand Duchy of Foxcrest
Duchess Inyanna holds power in Foxcrest.  She is quite possibly the most politically cunning of the 8 Great Lords of Westerness and there is an iron fist beneath her velvet glove.  Sigil is black fox on an orange standard. Gen1, LH3, Kn3, Sw3, Bw2.

The Grand County of Saargaten
Saargaten along with Finnacht and Pravia make up the Wodenlaw.  An area of westerness with its own distinct culture, language and religion.  They used to be a separate kingdom but were unified with the rest of the island in the ancient past.  Sigil is a black bull on a red and white standard.  Gen1, LH2, Kn2, Sw4, Bw2, Art.

The Grand Duchy of Starfall
Duke Emeris VII rules Starfall.  Sigil is a white star on a black standard. Gen1, LH3, Kn3, Sw3, Bw2.

The Grand County of Finnacht
Sigil is the white rune for peaceful night on a blue and orange standard. Gen1, Kn4, Sw4, Bw2, Art.

The Grand County of Pravia
Sigil is a black bear on a yellow and white standard. Gen1, Kn2, Sw5, Bw2, Art2.

The Cult of Woden 
The Arch-Priest of Woden is a voting but non-electable member of the House of Lords.  The Cult of Woden teaches that bravery in life and especially battle will grant you entry to the eternal summerlands when you pass.  While you can find a shrine or follower of Woden throughout the realm, his primary worship is centered in Saargarten, Finnacht and Pravia.  Unlike the CoG, Woden does not maintain a military force, however in ages past when the Arch-Priest called for a Gathering, thousands showed up armed and ready to fight.  Mage, Wb9, Bw3

The Cult of Garacaius
The Grand Theoginist is a voting but non-electable member of the House of Lords.  The Cult of Garacaius teaches that in the ancient past the Mage-Emperor of Darien traveled to Westerness and taught the men here science and magick.  The worship of Garacaius is more widespread than Woden or other beliefs.  Also the cult fields its own small full time army.  Its sigil is the mark of G on a white and blue standard.  Mage, Kn3, Sw3, Sp3, Bw2.

The Rangers’ Guild 
The Grand Ranger of Westerness is also a voting non-electable member of the HoL.  The Rangers are a militaristic monastic order that patrols the wilderness and roads of Westerness.  Each county contributes men and usually a tithe to the guild once a year.  Though the men granted are usually those rotting in county jails and young princes whom have no inheritance due to being too low in their families pecking order.  Most rangers practice the ancient pagan nature based religions’ of old Westerness as taught by the guild’s druids.  The Rangers hold Skara Hall near Hawkridge as their own barony and derive a small income from it.  They also provide merchant escort and often collect bounties on fugitives and monsters.  A typical road patrol consists of 3 rangers.  However a wilderness patrol consists of a captain, a sergeant, at times a druid and 7 to 8 rangers.   The rangers are sworn to remain neutral in any conflict among the members of the House of Lords.  However at times of invasion or dire threat they’ve served as scouts and light infantry for the great armies of Westerness.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Starting Campaign: Lands of Darien...Part 2

Wasteland of Zhon
Capital City: None
Ruler: Thrisha the Vile
The Demon Princess Thirsha the Vile is the defacto ruler of Zhon as she is the most powerful being to continually inhibit those lands.  Zhon is east of Aramon but west of Taros.  Zhon is home to many creatures, especially beastmen & orcs.  Thirsha is a disciple of Thulmos the Lord of Fire and her minions honor him with their sacred fires.  The number 6 is considered magickal and as such the hordes of Zhon organize their tribes and clans around it.  There are no towns or villages in Zhon as no civilized folk dwell there.  The creatures that inhibit the land dwell in caves, dens or burrows.  On occasion an outsider will venture into Zhon but usually just ends up eaten, enslaved or as a sacrifice on a sacred fire.  On rare occasion one will emerge from the flames changed, maybe with a rams or bulls head, or tentacles and wings instead of arms.

Special Rules
Beasts +1
Behemoths +1

Thirsha the Vile, Demon Princess of Zhon.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Campaign World Reduction, Starting Small and Simple: The Lands of Darien... Part 1.

Alright, I've had it with this flux on starting my campaign.  Too many things I like from too many fantasy settings to try and meld them all together.  At least as grand as I had first envisioned.  So finally and I mean finally settling on a starting point.

World: Aeyr
Starting Continent: Darien
Starting Factions:  Aramon, Veruna, Taros, Zhon and Creon. (Some of you might recall these. :)

Kingdom of Aramon
Capital City:
Ruler: Elsin I, Mage-King of Aramon.
Aramon lies in the southwest of Darien.  Elsin I is the Mage King.  Aramon is a feudal society with a hierarchy of lords and nobles.  Magick and its users are kept under strict control by the College of Magick.  Archers have a special place in Aramon society and are taught how to enhance their craft with magickal cantrips.  Elsin has a large army and access to a massive feudal levy when needed.

Special Rules
Knights: +1.
Archers: +1
Mages: -1

Elsin I, Mage-King of Aramon.

Principality of Veruna
Capital City: Veruna
Ruler: Kirenna, Princess of Veruna, Chief Priestess of Danu
Veruna is a truly unique place on Aeyr.  It lies in the northwest corner of Darien.  It is ruled by the Sea Sprite Kirenna along with the Burgomeisters of the city.  It’s a true metropolitan city where you will find humans, elves, gnomes and even centaurs walking the streets.  Veruna’s alchemists, priests and wizards work tirelessly to protect the city.

Special Rules
Mages: May pass over water.
Water Lurkers: +1.
Kirenna the Sea Sprite, Queen of Veruna.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mighty Armies...A Second Chance

Spurred on by talk over at TMP and one of my gaming buddies I've decided to give Might Armies by Rebel Minis another go. So I used my royalty credit at Wargames Vault and picked up the new edition.  Apparently there have been some major changes to the game. The rules have grown from 16 pages to 43.  However there are still some things I dislike and will have to create house rules for. Such as:

MA House Rule 1: 40mm frontage bases. Non-negotiable. I know I can't use them in an MA tournament but you know what, MA should have realized that a great ebb & flow of 15mm gamers out there use 40mm.

 MA House Rule 2: Group Combat Mechanic. Never liked this. One of the TMPers has a house rule that states losses must come from the fighting side rather than the back. Also that if a group is hit in the rear or flank those units hit must break off from the group and turn to face. I really like that.

Now that being said I've liked their shooting and movement rules since Mongoose first came out with them.  Anyway I'll give it a good read and playtest this weekend and report my findings here.  Also I want to be able to have a ruleset that I convert as easy as HOTT.  I think MA can but I am not certain.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wulfgar and the Dungeon of Zuenzgfar

As we said before Wulfgar and his loyal followers met up in Stormfell and discussed their next move.  Wulfgar needed funds to raise an army and having just returned from his coming of age trip he was nearly broke.  Broke enough he could not care for the men in his service.  He decided to send his men home to their families saying he would call upon them in time.  Leaving them with a warning not to mention his return nor their loyalty to him lest his vile Uncle should harm them or their loved ones.  The party disbanded and Wulfgar set out to find his fortune and take the first step in reclaiming his father's hall and banner.  

Most know of the ancient ruined mountain city of Zuenzgfar.  Tales of riches and splendor but dire evil and death to all whom enter, save but a scarce few who dared but to brave the entrance and then only to barely escape with their lives.  Wulfgar decided it was here he would start.  

He set out on the 7 day journey up the trade roads leading to the Dwarf holds but after 4 days he turned to the east towards Zuenzgfar.  While on the trade roads he could make use of the safe haven camps at night along the way.  These camps are specially warded to fend off daemons and the undead, which prey on good folk at night.  Off the main trade roads Wulfgar had to find adequate shelter and setout his own protective wards to keep the daemons at bay.  The first night off the trade road, he setup his wards and covered himself with his cape and used his pack as a pillow.  He was very nervous.  This was his first night ever in the wild, alone and depending upon his own wards to protect him.  As dusk fell he could hear the sounds of the daemons creeping from the shadows of the abyss with their primordial howls.  Soon, a vicious red daemon spotted him, it howled as it charged him, Wulfgar did not dare move as his wards left no room for a fight, but he did pull his sword up just in case.  The daemon came racing in with hunger in its eyes.  Wulfgar's heart beat faster, his throat began to swell.  But as the wicked thing reached him, Wulfgar's wards activated with a flash of light and sent the daemon sprawling backwards.  It tried again and again, only to be repulsed each time.  Wulfgar finally relaxed and took a deep breath.  He made a quick prayer to Ulric, sheathed his sword, cleared his throat and spat it at the daemon.  The vile creature kept him company all night, it was a fitful night, with no sleep coming.  As the night began to give way to the day, the dark creature gave him one last glare then retreated back to the shadows.  Wulfgar allowed himself to sleep.  

After a few hours, Wulfgar awoke at almost mid-day.  He picked up his wards, threw them in his pack and continued on his way.  Repeating the process four more nights until he reached Zuenzgfar.  He waited till early daylight to enter.

The Ruins of Zuenzgfar with Wulfgar at the entrance.

Area 1: Upon entering Wulfgar disturbed a hobgoblin which
sprang to attack him.  The hobgoblin was fast and it hit him
hard leaving his shield arm knumb with pain.  Undeterred
Wulfgar attacked back and just a few moments later Wulfgar
had slain the creature.  Wulfgar found a magical ward crudely
pinned on the hobgoblins ragged armor.  It failed to protect
the hobgoblin but Wulfgar knew how to use it and set it
upon his own armor.  It soothed the pain in his shield arm. He
also found a magickal health potion which he drank.

The hobgoblin knocked Wulfgar down to 2 wounds before
he killed it.

Wulfgar enters a long tight tunnel.

Encounter Rules

Area 2: In the tunnel Wulfgar encounters a Tunnel Worm!
He easily defeated this enemy and in the hole in the floor
from where it slithered out he found 2 gold coins! Enough
to feed his current men and their families as well as himself for months.
He also found a potion but upon picking it up his hand burned
and he dropped it feeling ill.  The bottle was laced with poison.

Area 3: As Wulfgar enters this cross section a giant spider
leaps out towards him.  After a scary battle his slays the beast.
Finding a strange unknown potion and what luck a health potion.
But as soon as he picks up the health potion is burns his hand
and makes him even more sick.

Area 4:  Wulfgar finds an empty room, which was probably
a guard station in the ancient past.  In the back he spies a
chest.  He opens it to discover it was trapped!  A
spring loaded dart shoots out and hits him hard.  However
inside he finds another potion which cures his disorientation
from the poison laced bottles he found earlier.  He decides to barricade
door and ward the room and get some much needed rest.

After resting he reenters the dungeon from the room and decides
to investigate the other end of the hallway and he encounters
another giant spider.  Another pitched battle but our hero

After slaying the spider and feeling on the verge of collapse
Wulfgar decides to take his 2 gold and new found magick
ward and leave for Winterfell.
Played out this little adventure using the Dungeons Solo Adventure Rules.  Fun game but the rules need lots of work, tempting me to write my own solo dungeon game.