Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yours Truly...

Setting up the Agincourt Battlelore scenario last week.

25mm Orcish Steppes Campaign Base Size Study For Mass Forces

My other campaign which has already progressed along skirmish warband lines is the Orcish Steppes. It is the struggle of power between several orc clans for control of the arid steppes they reside on.  These models are all GW orcs which I've used in the skirmish campaign but may set aside for as the campaign expands into larger battles. In addition to a large collection of GW models I have some nice new 1/72 orcs from Dark Alliance which I believe is Strelets from the Ukraine.  Also GW LOTR orcs and gobbos. Then I have several orc models from Reaper Miniatures and Old Glory. However since my Twin Kingdoms campaign is going to be conducted in 1/72; I think I will keep this campaign in 25mm (28mm Heroic) and make use of all the cool models that I have and are being produced in that scale.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Battlelore: Agincourt - Solo-AI Victory

Picked up the first edition of Battlelore by Days of Wonder. I prefer it to the second edition by Fantasy Flight Games in as much as the terrain tiles match my other command and colours type games. Whereas the FFG game has excessively large terrain tiles, but very very nice models.

I played this battle as the French with the Solo-AI as the English. The game was always very close with one side scoring a VP and then the other.  I highly recommend Battlelore or any other C&C type game.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dwarf and Undead Test Bases.

These 1/72 models are on bases with a 50mm frontage and a 40mm depth. I am very excited about starting these two armies.  In the undead picture, all are 1/72 Caesar models but on the left is a 28mm Warhammer skeleton which will serve as a "BONE GIANT" model. I'm going to add (at this time) a skeletal mage to each element as a controller. The exception being the main element which has the main "NECROMANCER" as the central character.

The Dwarfs are a mix of 1/72 Caesar figures and some old 18mm Reaper Shadowcorps figures, which fit very nicely with the Caesar models. Their heads and girth are identical but the Caesar figures have longer legs. That's ok I'll say the SC models lived deeper underground than their Caesar cousins.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Study on Base Sizes for 1/72 Models to Fight on 3'x2' Board

My 4'x4' wargame table.

The front row are 60mm frontage bases. The next are 50mm frontage bases. As you see the 50mm frontage gives an extra foot of maneuver for my intended terrain board of 3'x2'.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Twin Kingdoms: Why 1/72 vice 15mm?

Over the years I've collected an almost literal ton of 15mm fantasy wargame figures. I also love the look of massed 10mm figures. Also I had every intention of using 15mm for this campaign. However since becoming a Battlelore/Memoir '44 player I've come to appreciate again the quality of 1/72 scale miniatures.  Their price, ease of conversion, abundance and nice looks was too appealing to pass up. So I have gone back to my first scale in wargaming, 1/72. Though I hadn't gamed in that scale for almost 30 years until the Memoir '44 clone games.  Here is a link to one of the best 1/72 scale wargamer/modellers around.  Paul's Bods.