Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1/72 Jungle Adventures Kit from HaT.

I picked this kit up on eBay for $5.50 with shipping. The lions will become part of an army element for House Lancaster. Lancastrian Field or Forest Lions. The other bods will go to a variety of other projects on my other blogs.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dark Alliance 1/72 Undead

Picked up some more 1/72 Undead models on eBay for my Black Tower Army that I have under construction.

Battlelore Expansions

I picked up both of these BL expansion at bargain prices on eBay. The dwarf models are a little cartoony IMO. The scenario book is in French but thats ok because all you really need are the deployment instructions on the scenario maps anyhow. It did come with English cards so thats a big plus.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yours Truly...

Setting up the Agincourt Battlelore scenario last week.

25mm Orcish Steppes Campaign Base Size Study For Mass Forces

My other campaign which has already progressed along skirmish warband lines is the Orcish Steppes. It is the struggle of power between several orc clans for control of the arid steppes they reside on.  These models are all GW orcs which I've used in the skirmish campaign but may set aside for as the campaign expands into larger battles. In addition to a large collection of GW models I have some nice new 1/72 orcs from Dark Alliance which I believe is Strelets from the Ukraine.  Also GW LOTR orcs and gobbos. Then I have several orc models from Reaper Miniatures and Old Glory. However since my Twin Kingdoms campaign is going to be conducted in 1/72; I think I will keep this campaign in 25mm (28mm Heroic) and make use of all the cool models that I have and are being produced in that scale.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Battlelore: Agincourt - Solo-AI Victory

Picked up the first edition of Battlelore by Days of Wonder. I prefer it to the second edition by Fantasy Flight Games in as much as the terrain tiles match my other command and colours type games. Whereas the FFG game has excessively large terrain tiles, but very very nice models.

I played this battle as the French with the Solo-AI as the English. The game was always very close with one side scoring a VP and then the other.  I highly recommend Battlelore or any other C&C type game.