Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Reaper Miniatures Warlord Game

I've known about this game for years but only recently began to take interest in it while searching for an alternate fantasy skirmish set of wargame rules. Well it's a bit late. Reaper continues to produce miniatures for the game but have stopped supporting the game. Shame too as it seems like a solid little game. I will start piecing together a warband and will post my pictures and progress here later on.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game

My son stopped by for a visit yesterday and we broke open my new WQACG box set. I had excited about this game for a long time and was glad to see it on my doorstep last week. We both greatly enjoyed the Pathfinder ACG and thought that this would scratch our Warhammer Old World itch.

We played two games, the tutorial and the first quest. Game setup didn't take too long and is fairly spelled out for you. However from there on things get a bit muddled. We were left to trodge through the rules and cards without much guidance. The rulebooks should have been laid out better. You will find a topic which you have questions on only to be referred to a previous page or the tutorial book. Overall it felt that the game was left unfinished or was rushed to production. Perhaps a sign that quality control has dropped a bit since FFG was bought out.

The Warhammer flavor is there; along with splendid artwork. We really wanted to enjoy this game as we are both die hard old world fans. However the clunky mechanics and poorly laid out rules left us a bit let down. We will give it another go later on and see if there are any modifications we can make to clean it up a bit. I will report back here if when we do.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Warhammer - Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant WIP Part 2

My new OK Tyrant bits arrived today. I have glued on his new drinking horn, belly guard, club and head. As well as attaching his personal gnoblar attendants heads. Finally I glued them all down to their base.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Warhammer - Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant WIP Part 1

I had one extra OK Bull left from a recent eBay purchase. However it had a missing right hand weapon and no head. So I debated about finishing it off as a bull but I have plenty of those at present. However I am in need of a Tyrant and since those models are quite expensive and I already had half an ogre I decided to convert him.

A new Tyrant from GW is $40. The average price of a OK Tyrant on eBay is going for $25 to $40 USD with shipping costs added to the price. I did some bitz shopping and spent a total with shipping of $13.60. So that is about a 40% savings off of an eBay Tyrant and a huge savings from retail GW one.

So here is with his right hand cut off and his gut shield removed while he awaits his new parts.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Warhammer - Ogre Kingdoms

Here is the first picture of my newest One Hour Warhammer project; The Ogre Kingdoms. I have yet to sit down and write out the rules but they will be nasty.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Warhammer Rebasing

I've been rebasing my One Hour Warhammer armies the last few days. The Skaven are completely rebased but need to be flocked. The Orcs are rebased but I still need to paint up a few new units then flock them. I've added two units of boar riders, a chariot, a troll and another unit of warriors.

I am basing all my Warhammer models on 60mm frontage bases. I am adhering to the concept of keeping my armies small. I received 5 Ogre Kingdoms models in the mail today. 3 Bulls and 2 Belchers. I have all but one Bull rebased. The Ogres are so large they fit one model to a 60mm x 30mm base.

Currently in my model inventory I have models to fill all or some needs for the following Warhammer factions.

The Empire
Ogre Kingdoms
Tomb Kings
Night Goblins
Dark Elves
Vampire Counts