Friday, October 31, 2014

Battlelore 2nd Edition

Picked up a copy of BL2 from a trade on TMP. The models are nice and from what I've read are a little larger than the models in the first edition. Which hopefully I'll see soon as I'm bidding on one on eBay now. From what I've read the gameplay in BL2 is very different than Battles of Westeros (a BL clone.)  There are a couple of items, one I really like, the other I am not pleased with. First the unit cards are smaller than the the other game cards thereby taking up less space on the board. I really like that. However the board hexmap has the largest hexes I've ever seen for a Borg type game. Due to the board setup the terrain hexes are all large. Which means no mixing and matching with my previous C&C games like Memoir '44, Battles of Westeros, Battle Cry etc.  In fact this was the primary motivation behind ordering the 1st edition BL game to have standardized terrain tiles. I'll set the game up within a week and give it a go and will report my findings here.

One more item of fuss, the box is more or less just an empty compartment similar to Battles of Westeros with bags to keep models and cards separate. Whereas with Memoir '44 and others they gave you a box with compartments to keep everything neat and tidy.

BL2 made by FFG, BL1 was made by DoW.

Roc Warrior.
An Obscene (Chaos Brute)

Riverwatch Rider
Command card on the left, Lore card on the right.

Unit cards much better than the ones in BoW.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GoT & Aeyr Redoux

I have decided to forgo a 15mm Game of Thrones campaign in favor of the Battles of Westeros game as it has the flavor and all the background needed.  Also my fantasy campaign of Aeyr will be reduced in size. I have finally heeded the sage advice of veteran wargamers and that is to start your campaign small.  So I will have two kingdoms surrounded by a magical realm.  More details in the next post.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Battles of Westeros - The Battle of the Green Fork

Robb Stark, King in the North.
"The outriders had warned us that a forced march was bringing the Starks to our camp earlier than we had anticipated. The change mattered little, as we were already waiting and well-prepared. When their army finally poured over the horizon to the sound of thundering drums, we saw a vast array of spearmen.

Charging through the rain of their archers' arrows, we tested the strength of their spears against the spirit and armor of our horses. It was certainly hazardous for us to ride into their lines this way, but once we had engaged them, they found themselves unable to withstand our onslaught of steel and steed." -Ser Clement Marbrand.

The Stark player wins if he has gathered 4 Strategic Locations and Stark morale is green or better at the end of round 5.

Ser Clement's account of the battle is not quite accurate.  While House Stark took a few casualties not a single unit was lost.  King Robb had achieved his victory conditions early on turn 4. However the last half of turn 4 saw one of his units fall back from strategic position while retreating from a Lannister charge, probably the one Ser Clement mentions.  At any rate the King quickly ordered another unit on turn 5 to move up and capture the vital position. House Lannister was unable to bring any further units against the Kings men on the right and his men in the center stood firm despite heavy casualties.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ser Arthur Woodwright, Knight of House Mormont

Ser Arthur of House Mormont. His father was a carpenter and his mother a baker.  Ser Arthur aspired to military arms since childhood and seemed to take naturally to the army.  After serving for the past 7 years as as cavalryman Ser Arthur was knighted following his heroic rescue of Lady Maege at the Battle of the Crossroads.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Second Game of Battles of Westeros

Used the scenario and marshalling cards to create my own custom scenario.  In the last game Lady Maege Mormont was captured by the Lannisters but was later freed by Ser Arthur Woodwright. During her brief captivity the Lannisters took a map from her that showed the location of Robb Stark's main force.  Though they were defeated their surviving lords escaped the battlefield back to a Lannister camp. Once there they were determined to regroup and set out at once to give this map to Lord Tywin. Could they escape the North and bring this intel back?

In this scenario one Lannister unit was designated as the courier. The AI had 4 turns to move the courier off the map on the other side of the board.  Although packing up their camp and making ready to move to another location the King in the North sent a small force of Northmen to capture that map and the nobles whom had it.

The game played out very quickly. In fact it took longer to set it up then to play it. So setup will be the next area I work on for conversion.

Lannister Commander Addam Marbrand escapes the board with the map.

Turn 1.


Northern Forces.

Lions of Lannister.

Turn 2.

First Game of Battles of Westeros

I purchased this game earlier this year due to my fondness of Memoir '44 and Game of Thrones. I thought it would be a good combo of the two. BoW is much more complex than M44. However I have found it lends itself well to modifying for solo play like M44 does.  Here are my first thoughts on the solo conversion. Also I like the B side of the playing map better than A.

Game Phases

*Captured Heroes: Can be freed if the capturing unit is later destroyed.

*A unit cannot move, attack or counterattack without an order.

*Place all command cards per faction into their own decks.

*Player Command Cards: Draw your hand from the deck based upon the scenario. Issue an order from your hand. Then draw a new card.

*AI Command Cards: Do not draw a hand. Draw one card at a time per command token.

* Rally Phase: Used to grant units a counterattack on the opposing sides turn. So if I move a unit of archers, attack with them and then rally them. On the AI turn that unit can counterattack if attacked by the enemy.

* Flag Order Tokens: Can be discarded to ignore a flag die result, to rally troops for a counterattack or used to increase morale by 1.

*A leader cannot issue an order to an equal or higher leaders unit.  Example I cannot spend a command token on Rickard Karstarks card to use a leadership card on Maege Mormonts attached unit.

*Archers cannot shoot into a close combat engagement unless both sides are enemies.

*Only one leader card used per turn per side.

*Turn Indicator Bar: Depending on the scenario converted to a Victory Points Bar. Kill a unit? Place the banner next to the bar corresponding to the number in the order it was captured. Place on the top side of the bar if Stark, place on the bottom side of the bar if Lannister. Some scenarios may require 4 or 6 Victory points. Same with objectives, capture and objective place it's token on the bar. Capture a hero? Place its model on the bar.