Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Westerness: The Dark Land of Ravenfell

The Dark Land of Ravenfell
Sigil is a purple banner with a perched black raven silhouetted by a white moon.  The Lord of Ravenfell is the necromancer Lokken.  He rules from his tower of the Black Skull. Ravenfell is bounded by the Black Forest to the East, the Hellfire Fens to the South, and the World Edge Mountains to its West and North.  There exists a small population in Ravenfell. They are greatly provided for and generally protected by their lord which grants him their loyalty.  However he is more feared than loved. The people live in deep fear of venturing from their villages, especially being outdoors at night due to the fell creatures that roam the country.  Some quietly believe that the village folk are kept by their lord as as food for fell creatures.  Lord Lokken is a follower of Mhorgoth the Dark One. He is second only to Nekash in Mhorgoth's favor.