Friday, November 30, 2012

Minis Order from Khurasan Miniatures

Placed my first order with Khurasan Miniatures tonight.  I have models coming to form 2 factions for my fantasy campaign.  Krasia (Khurasan) and The White Empire (Pre-Samurai.)  Both will be eastern kingdoms with the White Empire in the far east.  Krasia will be based upon the novel The Desert Spear by Peter Brett.  I will update this post with the delivery date and a review of the minis and service offered by Khurasan.  So far Khurasan is very fast to answer email on questions I had about their products.

UPDATE: Dec 8th: It's been 8 days now and have not heard anything so I checked back with Khurasan.  They responded very quickly but said that they have yet to prepare my package but that it should get done and shipped out on Monday.

UPDATE: Dec 17th Minis arrived today.  All present and accounted for.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

15mm Mercenary Army: The Black Hearts

Introducing the Black Hearts.  A Feudal Lords Army.  A collection of mercenaries and outlaws.  Actually a fantasy army for extra, miscellany & oddball miniatures that don't seem to fit anywhere else.  The four elements of Knights I might move to make another army with, but the foot elements are solid parts of the Black Hearts.

SBH Warband: Prince Wulfgar's Retinue

Painted up my first full warband for Song of Blades & Heroes and my skirmish game Myth.  Prince Wulfgar, see earlier posts, and his loyal companions.  Prince Wulfgar has the golden helmet with red crest.  His cloak has a protective ward on sewn onto the back.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

SBH Adventure: The Woodsman's Cottage

Three brave adventurers were hired by a wood cutter to rid his home of the four goblin invaders that had taken in it from him and his wife.  The three adventurers set forth, Kenos, the Half-Elf Wizard, Logar the Human Warrior and Pik the Halfing Slinger.  When they arrived at the cottage they found the goblins  returning from foraging in the nearby Black Forest.  "What luck, a fight in the open." Logar thought.

The two opposing warbands.
The wizard and warrior move forward for the fight, with the wizard wisely using the corner of the cottage as cover.  While Pik the Halfing is still mustering his courage to join the fight.
Wizard & Warrior both rolled 3 successes and moved long.   Halfling rolled 2 dice both failed.
The Goblin leader, Hursnak bullied his goblins forth to defend their prize.

Goblins advanced up. Logar begins to move forward long and ends in base contact with a goblin.
 Logar brings death down with his mighty sword and shield and fells a goblin.
The beads were used to show positive dice modifiers.
 Stunned by the ferocity of the human warrior and the bolts of lightening from the wizard the goblin leader fails to control his warband.  While Logar continues his assault.
Goblins fail to activate Logar fights on.

The Wizard attempts to aid Logar by transfixing his opponent.

But Logar seriously misjudges his swing and misses the transfixed goblin!
 Finally Pik has found his bravery and moves forward over 2 turns and launches a lead ball to the skull of a goblin knocking him down.
Halfling finally rolls good.
 Meanwhile Logar and his opponent continue to fight it out while the Goblin Leader is content to await the outcome.
Goblin activation rolls fail, combat ends in draw.

Wizard transfixes goblin again!
 The Wizard turns the air acrid with his arcane spell and transfixes Logar's opponent giving Logar another opportunity to smite the foul thing!
Gruesome kill!
 Seeing their companion slaughtered so viciously the goblins fall back to the forest.
Logar scowls at the goblins; taunting them to fight him.
 After Logar's taunt the goblins charge him together and combat with Logar striking down the leader!
I jacked this up, Logar killed the goblin but I was too preoccupied with taking the picture to fully understand what had happened resulting in a fallen model outcome.
 With the leader down and vulnerable Logar smote his ruin upon the hillside as the wizard moves in to assist.
Gruesome kill!
 With his leader and cousins slain the last goblin flees crying into the wilderness.
Three morale failures, BOOM. Bye Bye.

With the goblins dead and gone the adventurers escort the woodcutter and his wife back to their cottage and are thanked by having their weapons sharpened by the woodcutter and his wife made them all a great feast with apple pie for desert!  This was my first attempt at Solo-SBH.  I enjoyed it.