Wednesday, March 30, 2016

15mm Fantasy Army Composition

I was asked to share the composition of my 15mm Fantasy Armies. I will start with the Dwarfs and list how I see them fit into OHW. Below lists the unit type and the number of units of that type, followed by their rating for OHW.

15mm "Ironforge" Dwarf Units
Crossbows 2 (0 in shooting, 0 in HtH)
Handgunners 4 (2 in shooting, 0 in HtH and any shooting roll of a 1 then out of ammo rest of game.)
Dwarf Warriors 8 (+2 HtH)
Hero Lords 2 (Add bonus to attached or nearby units, for an example see my link for Warhammer Characters on the left sidebar.)

Upcoming: Mobile Balistae Warmachine, Steam Automaton (maybe), Ram or Bear Cavalry.

15mm "Athel Lorien" Wood Elves
Chariot 1 (2 shooting, 0 HtH)
Dragonlings 1(-2 HtH)
Tree Ents 2 (+2 HtH)
Knights 5 (+2 HtH)
Unicorn Scout Riders 3 (+2 Shooting, 0 HtH)
Bows 4 (+2 Shooting, -2 HtH)
Warriors 8 (0 HtH)
Hero Lord 1

Upcoming: Satyrs, Centaur units. Elk Riders, Eagle Riders

15mm "Black Rock Clan" Orcs
Black Orcs 3 (+2 HtH, Armor)
Orc Warriors 8 (0 HtH)
Orc Pikes 2 (+2 HtH)
Warg Riders 6 (+2 HtH)
Orc Archers 3 (-2 Shooting, -2 HtH)
Trolls 2 (+2 HtH, Regenerate 1d3 hits once.)
Hero Lords 2

Upcoming: Orc Warlord, Orc Heavy Chariots, Orc Catapult.

Those are the three 15mm forces that I rebased for OHW-Fantasy. I still have a few more to go and they are:  Lizardmen, Undead, & 2 Feudal Human Armies.

Future 15mm Fantasy Projects include:
Second Undead Army
Second Lizardman Army
Dark Elves
Evil Men
Imperial Men
Undead Egyptian

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