Tuesday, March 15, 2016

15mm Battle: Dwarfs vs Orcs.

I fought this battle back on the 7th so all the details are a bit sketchy now. Any way it was an enjoyable game. I used "One Hour Wargames" rules but reduced the hits a unit could take down to 10 each. I fielded 10 Orc units and 9 Dwarfs. The Orcs took first turn and advanced in hopes of sacking the dwarf hold. The battle went well and ended with a Dwarf victory.

The "Dwarf Hold" is a terrain feature from the Dragonriders of the Styx playset.

The Dwarfs line up to defend their hearth and hall.

Warg Riders lead the Orc advance.

Dwarf crossbows rain death upon advancing Orc scouts.

The Orc shaman throws a fireball at the advancing Dwarf unit.

This Dwarf Handgunner unit rolled a 1 in shooting. Which meant they caused 1 further casualty and are now out of ammo.

The Dwarf Thane leads the Dwarf Axe unit as it finishes off the unit of Black Orcs.


Warren Abox said...

Clever hit counters you got there. How did changing the number of units on the board change the game? Does it play about as fast, or did it slow things down?

A. Jeff Butler said...

It played as fast due to adding more units. Reducing hits from 15 to 10 really helps with tracking hits with my bead/nail system. In other words it would have sped up play too fast however the addition of more than just 6 units negated that effect. Thanks for reading!

A. Jeff Butler said...

Warren I misread your post. I did not notice a slow down to the game due to the increased number of units. This is probably due to the lower hit count of 10 per unit. However more games will tell.

Chris said...


At some point would you consider listing the units composing your 1 HW fantasy armies? I can identify some of them via the pictures, but I'm stumped by others. I realize you have a number of armies, and that this is something easier to ask for than it would be to actually do, but I would greatly appreciate it. (Chalk it up to a weak imagination on my part!)

Either way, thanks. (And your blog is great!)

Chris Johnson

A. Jeff Butler said...

Hi Chris,

I will make a blog post to discuss it. Thank you for reading!