Sunday, February 28, 2016

15mm Dwarfs Rebased

I spent the morning rebasing my 15mm Dwarfs. Which left me a nice little army to field for my generic 15mm fantasy campaign. I am currently doing some research on cavalry and artillery units to add.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Massive Rebasing & Upcoming Projects

I received some good advice a few months back to keep my armies small. This has proven to be good advice since I have an eclectic wargaming interest, from fantasy (and several variations of it) to historicals and sci-fi. So to that end I've begun rebasing my models on 1" squares to facilitate more complete (but smaller) armies. I expect to begin more campaigns this year and to renew older ones like the "Orcish Steppes."

So far the armies I've rebased are:
Warmaster Chaos
Warmaster Goblins
15mm Wood Elves
15mm Orcs
Some 15mm human armies that can cross from fantasy to historicals.

Tomorrow I will begin rebasing my 15mm Dwarfs by Essex Miniatures. At present I have 8 stands of dwarfs. Three shooters (2 blunderbuss & 1 crossbow) the rest are melee troops. These dwarfs have never seen combat on the game table. That will soon change. Also I've ordered the Osprey book "Dwarf Warfare" and should have it in hand by Wednesday. I'm hoping to draw inspiration from it to apply to my dwarfs.

I still have several armies to rebase/paint.
15mm Lizardmen
15mm Undead
15mm Barbarians

I am still unsure on rebasing my 28mm Warhammer models. I may just keep them at 6 units each and just leave them on their large bases.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Orc Warfare by Osprey Publishing

I bought this book from Amazon and truly love it. It's description of orckind closely matches what I've had in mind for years. The book is broken down in chapters with each hitting on a different aspect of orc warfare through a look at their society, strategic & tactical thought, ritual & magic and orc war stories. An enjoyable read so far. I intend to order dwarf warfare next week followed by elves and then Dragon Rampant.  Here is Orc Warfare on Osprey's website.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Princess Qwenhyvr, Lionkeeper of Lionspride

Qwenhyver Lancaster, Lionkeeper & Princess of Lionspride. She is beautiful as she is deadly. Her natural connection with Lions makes her a danger to anyone whom would be foolish enough to oppose her on the battlefield or in the wild. Her druidic magic is strong but overshadowed by her love of the lions in her care. She was raised with her guardian lion, Lionel. Both were born on the same day. Lionel is in his prime and can expect to live well into his 70s unless war claims him first.

Qwenhyver and Lionel are often found on the borderlands with the Wilds. An area that has been put off limits to her by her father King Tyrel. However Qwenhyver has a wild streak in her and more than once has been admonished by members of the court for straying to near the ever changing Wilds.

As a teenager she once met the crown prince of Wolfthorn during a trip with her father to visit the militant order of the Black Watch. To the astonishment of all, and the chagrin of her father it seemed the two admired one another. Rumors ran wild that one day the Twin Kingdoms might become one through the possible union of Princess Qwenhyver and Prince Wulfgar. However nothing officially or back channeled was ever done in regards to this and the rumors have finally ceased.