Thursday, August 13, 2015

Remember These....

My dad bought my a box of these when I was a boy. I loved them. Wish I had kept them but you know the story because you've done similar. Anyway I found some on eBay and have bought enough to make 2 OHW armies from them and will sell the rest of the leftovers back on eBay.

I will put together a little mini-campaign series of battles in the mythical world of Styx. The Forces of the Lady (good guys) vs. the Demons from the Abyss (bad guys.)

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Chris said...

Great to see this! I bought these sets for my older son about 20 years ago. He was never really into figures that much, so I (of course!) hung on to them. We were unable to get the Dragonriders set specifically, but did get the others, including a rarely seen one with lava men descending from a fiery volcano. I painted up the human infantry for a kid-oriented medieval game, but never got around to finishing the non-human figures--I couldn't think of a good way of using them. Your rules have opened my eyes! (So did your Brigadier General rules, but that's another story.)

I'm no great shakes at taking pictures, but I will try to post some somewhere when I get the fantasy guys done and into a game of OHW.

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