Friday, August 21, 2015

My Other Generic Fantasy Models & Gaming

I have a lot of 15 & 28mm fantasy models. Most of which is unpainted or even primed. However I do have a few armies that are complete and I've decided to start converting those over to One Hour Wargames bases. Now this is all in addition to the 15mm models I've picked out to represent the two factions I want for a One Hour Game of Thrones campaign.

Although, I am not sure on what kind of campaign to run with them. I might consider the Forgotten Realms or the Pathfinder World. Another imaginary world of my own creation too might be suffice. I don't know yet. Part of what hinders gaming for me and others is a plausible narrative to the models and the battles.

I have models that I've owned for years that never saw service but I bought because I liked the models despite the fact that I couldn't at the time use them. This is all changing now thanks to One Hour Wargames and it's subtle yet brilliant tactical simplicity.

Several of my 28mm sets will be geared for the Dark Sun campaign I wish to game. However that leaves plenty for other settings. Also in addition to all this the 6mm fantasy bug is biting at me along with using 10mm Pendraken models to fill gaps in my One Hour Warmaster armies.

Also I feel that I am close to having a set of skirmish rules to accompany my One Hour Wargames mass battles.  But I am also looking hard at the Age of Sigmar rules. There are several skirmish only forces I would like to accomplish. I already have a set of 25mm Samurai and another of Fantasy Viking (Prince Wulfgar) types. Also I have a box set up to take to ReaperCon in the Spring for the metal trade.

Now in reference to settings I am growing tired of trying to flesh out whole new worlds from scratch and have started looking at existing campaign worlds to either game in or convert to my liking. For example the Iron Kingdoms, gaming as is. Warhammer Old World, gaming as is. The Dark Sun setting, modding to suit my interest. Middle Earth, modding to suit my interest.

Possible future campaign settings.....

Generic 15mm
Generic 6mm
Generic 10mm
Generic 25mm

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