Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Project: War in Athas, a Dark Sun Wargames Campaign

The Dark Sun bug has bit. It is grim and dark like the Warhammer Old World. What started it is that I've had this idea in my head for a desert goblin army but it doesn't fit in Warhammer. Also I love the Mantic miniatures but they don't match up well with Warhammer models. So this campaign will fill two desires. Reason to buy some great Mantic minis and complete my idea of a desert goblin force.  I intend to run rpg lite dungeoncrawls, skirmish fights and mass battles in this setting.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

First Four Bases for Orcs & Goblins One-Hour Warhammer Army

I have the first four bases of Orcs & Goblins assembled for my upcoming One-Hour Wargames Warhammer Campaign. Two units of Orc Warriors, 1 unit of Goblin Warriors and 1 unit of Orc Archers.  I want some boar riders or a chariot next and then a troll to complete the army.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Stonewylde... A Magical Place

Stonewylde is the name I've decided to give to an upcoming line of fantasy themed modeling dioramas that I will assemble and paint. I am borrowing the name from a series of books from Ms. Kit Berry. See her site here: StoneWylde.  Stonewylde is also a small village and sometime  town in my fictional gaming campaigns.

28mm Warhammer Sigmarite Liberator

This model came with my copy of the White Dwarf. He didn't turn out well and it was entirely preventable. I took him with me on vacation to paint and while away bought some cheap paint kits from Walmart. Buy cheap get cheap but he is done, for now.

Goblin War Banner: The Great Eye, Lidless and Piercing

I found this cat's eye jewelry image online. I took it and made the evil lidless eye in MS Paint and then printed it out and cut it up for a goblin banner. The banner has tatters on it at bottom but they're hidden by one of the gobbos. BTW the goblins aren't finished yet, there is still some painting and touch up to do to them and their base.

This banner and the image itself will represent the great eye of of the Lord of the Black Tower in the Twin Kingdoms and other bad guys across my other campaigns.

Step 1 Find Art.

Step 2 Modify Art

Step 3 Print, Cut & Attach.