Friday, May 22, 2015

Warhammer: My Own Alternate Ending

Archaon the Lord of the End Times led his army of madness and rage from the north against humanity. While the epitome of evil, Nagash rose the dead against all from the south. Hundreds of thousands died, cities, armies all were destroyed. The Emperor Karl Franz is believed lost in battle. Archaon was rumored to have been slain by Valten, yet others rumors say the opposite is true. All in all there is no longer a thing that can be called civilization. The war was so great and terrible that all were defeated and all were scattered.

Across the world there exists pockets of souls in isolation. Be they men, good or evil, beasts or orc. What few souls that can find each other band together. The Empire is gone and in its place hundreds of petty warlords rule hamlets of miserable, starving people; most just waiting to die.

Bands of Chaos warriors and beastmen wander the wilds ever in search of slaughter. The Dwarfs have receded deep in their mountain halls. Some are believed lost forever beneath the fall of great mountains. Undead wander the night in search of the living. Elves as there is no longer a distinction between the once proud High Elves and their woodland cousins. They are the closest the world has to a "civilization" and I use that term with derision. But they too are small and weak, scattered, divided and leaderless. Their civil war being fought at the same time as the fall of the world was unfolding around them. No one knows if any dark elves survived. If any did they are most certainly bound slaves of their Chaos masters.

The world is as it was in the time of Sigmar, scattered & warring tribes surrounded by darkness and enemies on all sides.  The end has come and these times are the ashes of its smoldering fire. A fire that in some places still burns....

After almost a decade I am going to delve back into Warhammer. The new End Times has many, including myself excited about the Old Worlde again. Now I know that GW is going to kill the Old Worlde and bring in something new and that is fine I will look at that as it arrives this summer. However I still want to play in the Old Worlde so I will rebase some of my former armies over for use in a new semi-campaign. Battles will be fought using Neil Thomas's 1 Hour Wargames but with my own translation of generic and Warhammer fantasy layered on top.

The first 1Hour-Hammer Army I produce will be with the Skaven. Taking a pinch selection of models and rebasing them for my new gameplay rules and bearing in mind Bob Corderys advice of keeping my armies small.

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