Saturday, November 1, 2014

Twin Kingdoms: House Windsor


The Kingdom of Wolfthorn, standard a black wolfs head on a snow white banner.  The king of Wolfthorn Jon II of House Windsor, also known as The Winter King an ancient title officially used in court ritual today. Which is only natural as the seasons can last for years and Wolfthorn bears the brunt of winter.  Wolfthorns capital is Winterkeep. Due to the generally harsh conditions the army prefers heavy leather with some plate armor attachments, though in the southern baronies some soldiers wear chain.  Dire wolves roam the North and King Jon keeps one as a pet. Its name is Frostfur. The motto of House Windsor bears a warning "Winter is Coming" though it is generally only used in official records.  The elite guards of the North are called the Winter Guard.  The wealth of the North lies in their iron and spice mines along with their vast timber reserves. An elite unit of the Windsorian Army are the wolf riders. Each rider raising and training his wolf up from a pup.  The army is also known to feature packs of dire wolves.

Wolfthorn stretches from the Great River to the Worlds Edge Mountains home of the Dwarven City of Dun Garok.  Good trade flows between Dun Garok and most of Winterthorn. The dwarf hold needs wood, charcoal, wheat, and other items on a near daily basis. In return the dwarfs share their riches from under the mountain. Rumor has it that King Jon has a magical weapon made of mithril that was gifted to his house from the dwarfs in ages past.

While the Cult of Thesia is found throughout the Twin Kingdoms, the largest religion of the North is that of the Old Ways. A pan animist cult with outdoor temples and shrines and a non-hierarchy clergy of druids.

Winterkeep and Candlekeep are the largest cities in the North. Both cities are fortified with a good castle and a strong garrison.  Thane Robert Windsor, cousin to King Jon, Lord of Candlekeep. The Drachenwald Forest begins near Candlekeep and runs for nearly 100 miles.  It is the largest forest in the Twin Kingdoms, however it has no elves. Which leads to speculation that it is not a magical place.  However the druids of the Old Ways have a different view.

A brave traveller heading towards Frostbearkeep. The Hold of Thane Fenn Rodrick, Lord of Frostbear.

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