Saturday, November 1, 2014

Twin Kingdoms: House Lancaster


The Kingdom of Lionspride, standard is crimson red with a golden fighting lion. The capital bears the kingdom name and its king is Tyrel I of House Lancaster. The motto of House Lancaster is "Hear Me Roar" which it proudly displays on its coinage. The army of House Lancaster wears a mix of chainmail and full plate armor.  The elite of the Lancastrian Army are the Lion Guard.  House Lancaster is the wealthier of the Twin Kingdoms dues to it's vast gold mines. The Lancastrian Army has been known to field war lions in battle.

The elven enclave living in the Feywald Forest lies in the southeast of the kingdom.  King Tyrel has made the forest off limits and forbade folks to enter under penalty of death.  Tyrel doesn't want a war with the elves and bears in mind he may need their help one day. Very little trade occurs although on rare occasion elves will venture out into the cities of men.  In the ancient past men and elves once marched together along with dwarfs to fight the evil necromancer Nekash.

The Holy City of Thesia falls also resides within the borders of Lionspride.  The city and the surrounding lands were gifted by House Lancaster to the Cult of Theseus in ages past.  The cult however is generally allowed a free hand to build temples and shrines throughout the kingdom maintained by their priests and a few bishops.

The largest city and capital is Lionspride. Situated between the gold bearing Lancaster Hills.  The city is ornate and the kings palace is a thing of pure splendor, a true sight to behold.  The next largest city is that of Foxcrest which lies south of the King's Forest. Duke Armand, younger brother of the king, rules the city.

A lionkeeper running through the countryside with two forest lions.

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