Friday, November 7, 2014

Twin Kingdoms; First Models for House Windsor?

These are 1/72 Russian Medieval Cavalry and archers from the Army of Henry V box, both are from Strelets in the Ukraine. My first thoughts on the cavalry is to make it a command/heavy cavalry element. What I mean by that is declare it to be Thane Fenn Rodrick the Lord of Frostbear and allow it to serve as an early Army General (AG) element but when ever I field the Winter King or other Windsor nobles it could serve as a heavy cavalry element. I really like the look of the Russian Medieval 1/72 line from Strelets so I ordered another box off of eBay.

Still haven't decided on base size yet but most likely will be 50mm x 40mm. As I mentioned I am going to expand my basic battlefield size out to either 3'x2 or 4'x2. Leaning a bit more towards the 3'x2' as that would allow a 1' section at the end to hold models, dice, tea etc.  My wargame table is 4'x4', and has space on one side setup permanent for Battles of Westeros, Battlelore, Battle Cry and Memoir '44. I decided to just use one board from those game since they are almost universal. Next to that is a History Channel American Civil War chess/checkers set that my father-in-law bought me. It also serves as a great staging place for rulebooks during games. All that is on one side, the other is comprised of my current 2'x2' board with a 2'x2' space for incoming models and stuff. This is where the new 3'x2' board will go.

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