Thursday, November 6, 2014

Twin Kingdoms: First 1/72 Models. House Lancaster?

Received the first 1/72 models for my upcoming Twin Kingdoms fantasy campaign. 100 Years War by Italeri. Will probably be used for troops from House Lancaster though I'm not 100% certain on that yet. The base is 50mm x 40mm it too is certain. I am in the works of changing up my main battlefield from a 2' square board to either a 3' x 2' board a 4' x 2' board. Leaning more towards the 3'x2'.  Anyway here are the toy soldiers.

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Chris said...


Could you bring me up to date on your Twin Kingdoms campaign? Are there specific war-game rules for it, or are you going to use something else entirely, such as One Hour Wargames, Battles of Westeros, etc.? The campaign map is dandy--that alone is worth the price of admission!