Saturday, November 1, 2014

Twin Kingdoms: The Wilds

In the fantastic realm of Aeyr at this time there are known to exist two kingdoms of men. They are commonly referred to as the Twin Kingdoms.  The Twin Kingdoms themselves are surrounded by an area known in the common tongue as the "Wilds" a magical realm that changes sometimes daily. One day there might be a snow covered forest at the eastern edge of Wolfthorn the next it will be a frozen wasteland. At times there are giant "forests" of briar needle vines surrounding Lionspride in the south, the next a blacked scorched lava pitted place. Sometimes a swamp, great lake or even an ocean will appear.  A few brave souls have dared to travel the Wilds and lived to return.  One man was gone for 20 years and returned not a day older. Another was gone for a night and returned a feeble old man. Naturally few dare enter. On occasion adventurers will brave the Wilds and return with great wealth, others never return.  The kingdom lands proper are stable from this calamity.

However, as men can enter the wilds so too on occasion do "Wildlings" enter the Twin Kingdoms.  Sometimes these wildlings are men common to us except in speech and manner. Other times there are foul creatures that spew forth and bring ruin with them. A few scholars have come entered the Wilds and returned and a few have come from the Wilds to remain with us. Some speculate the Wilds are simply other realms like ours that appear briefly and that we too appear briefly in their realm. Other suggest that the Twin Kingdoms are caught up in a magical vortex of some sort and that the end is nye.

This concept will allow me to add things at my desire to my fantasy campaign without a complete reworking of the world from scratch. I will still have a few odd side campaigns and one off battles like in the Battles of Westeros series, Pathfinder Adventures and my Orc Campaign of Grtiznak and his quest to conquer the Orcish Steppes.

A brave soul sets off on a quest for adventure in the Wilds.

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