Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dwarf and Undead Test Bases.

These 1/72 models are on bases with a 50mm frontage and a 40mm depth. I am very excited about starting these two armies.  In the undead picture, all are 1/72 Caesar models but on the left is a 28mm Warhammer skeleton which will serve as a "BONE GIANT" model. I'm going to add (at this time) a skeletal mage to each element as a controller. The exception being the main element which has the main "NECROMANCER" as the central character.

The Dwarfs are a mix of 1/72 Caesar figures and some old 18mm Reaper Shadowcorps figures, which fit very nicely with the Caesar models. Their heads and girth are identical but the Caesar figures have longer legs. That's ok I'll say the SC models lived deeper underground than their Caesar cousins.



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