Friday, October 17, 2014

Second Game of Battles of Westeros

Used the scenario and marshalling cards to create my own custom scenario.  In the last game Lady Maege Mormont was captured by the Lannisters but was later freed by Ser Arthur Woodwright. During her brief captivity the Lannisters took a map from her that showed the location of Robb Stark's main force.  Though they were defeated their surviving lords escaped the battlefield back to a Lannister camp. Once there they were determined to regroup and set out at once to give this map to Lord Tywin. Could they escape the North and bring this intel back?

In this scenario one Lannister unit was designated as the courier. The AI had 4 turns to move the courier off the map on the other side of the board.  Although packing up their camp and making ready to move to another location the King in the North sent a small force of Northmen to capture that map and the nobles whom had it.

The game played out very quickly. In fact it took longer to set it up then to play it. So setup will be the next area I work on for conversion.

Lannister Commander Addam Marbrand escapes the board with the map.

Turn 1.


Northern Forces.

Lions of Lannister.

Turn 2.

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