Saturday, October 25, 2014

Battles of Westeros - The Battle of the Green Fork

Robb Stark, King in the North.
"The outriders had warned us that a forced march was bringing the Starks to our camp earlier than we had anticipated. The change mattered little, as we were already waiting and well-prepared. When their army finally poured over the horizon to the sound of thundering drums, we saw a vast array of spearmen.

Charging through the rain of their archers' arrows, we tested the strength of their spears against the spirit and armor of our horses. It was certainly hazardous for us to ride into their lines this way, but once we had engaged them, they found themselves unable to withstand our onslaught of steel and steed." -Ser Clement Marbrand.

The Stark player wins if he has gathered 4 Strategic Locations and Stark morale is green or better at the end of round 5.

Ser Clement's account of the battle is not quite accurate.  While House Stark took a few casualties not a single unit was lost.  King Robb had achieved his victory conditions early on turn 4. However the last half of turn 4 saw one of his units fall back from strategic position while retreating from a Lannister charge, probably the one Ser Clement mentions.  At any rate the King quickly ordered another unit on turn 5 to move up and capture the vital position. House Lannister was unable to bring any further units against the Kings men on the right and his men in the center stood firm despite heavy casualties.


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