Friday, October 31, 2014

Battlelore 2nd Edition

Picked up a copy of BL2 from a trade on TMP. The models are nice and from what I've read are a little larger than the models in the first edition. Which hopefully I'll see soon as I'm bidding on one on eBay now. From what I've read the gameplay in BL2 is very different than Battles of Westeros (a BL clone.)  There are a couple of items, one I really like, the other I am not pleased with. First the unit cards are smaller than the the other game cards thereby taking up less space on the board. I really like that. However the board hexmap has the largest hexes I've ever seen for a Borg type game. Due to the board setup the terrain hexes are all large. Which means no mixing and matching with my previous C&C games like Memoir '44, Battles of Westeros, Battle Cry etc.  In fact this was the primary motivation behind ordering the 1st edition BL game to have standardized terrain tiles. I'll set the game up within a week and give it a go and will report my findings here.

One more item of fuss, the box is more or less just an empty compartment similar to Battles of Westeros with bags to keep models and cards separate. Whereas with Memoir '44 and others they gave you a box with compartments to keep everything neat and tidy.

BL2 made by FFG, BL1 was made by DoW.

Roc Warrior.
An Obscene (Chaos Brute)

Riverwatch Rider
Command card on the left, Lore card on the right.

Unit cards much better than the ones in BoW.

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