Friday, June 6, 2014

D&D Dungeon Command: The Sting of Lolth

Picked up this box set yesterday at B&N. It has some nice pre-painted minis that I will post pictures of later. The game is diceless uses minis/cards in a way that seems similar to MtG. The rulebook and a very nice drow flyer were placed in the box catywampus so they were bent over on 2 edges.  I will give the game a test but most likely use the miniatures for other fantasy skirmish games.

Twin Kingdoms: The Feywald Forest

In the Southeast of Lionspride lies the Feywald Forest. It is the realm of the wild elves or wood elves as they are called in some parts.  While the wild elves are a disparate mix of tribes and at times they have united in the ancient past to face common threats.  The Wild Elves have an animist religion and consider themselves the protectors of the forest.