Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rules Review: Mighty Armies...A Second Chance

Spurred on by talk over at TMP and one of my gaming buddies I've decided to give Might Armies by Rebel Minis another go. So I used my royalty credit at Wargames Vault and picked up the new edition.  Apparently there have been some major changes to the game. The rules have grown from 16 pages to 43.  However there are still some things I dislike and will have to create house rules for. Such as:

MA House Rule 1: 40mm frontage bases. Non-negotiable. I know I can't use them in an MA tournament but you know what, MA should have realized that a great ebb & flow of 15mm gamers out there use 40mm.

 MA House Rule 2: Group Combat Mechanic. Never liked this. One of the TMPers has a house rule that states losses must come from the fighting side rather than the back. Also that if a group is hit in the rear or flank those units hit must break off from the group and turn to face. I really like that.

Now that being said I've liked their shooting and movement rules since Mongoose first came out with them.  Anyway I'll give it a good read and playtest this weekend and report my findings here.  Also I want to be able to have a ruleset that I convert as easy as HOTT.  I think MA can but I am not certain.

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