Sunday, September 22, 2013

Campaign Settings: Too Many Choices

I've mentioned before how I enjoy the settings for Warhammer, Game of Thrones, D&D, Warmachine, some of the Magic TG worlds and many others.  I've tried for seven years to come up with a logical way to take from here and there and mix them all together.  The conclusion is that I simply have not been successful.  So I once again I am at the drawing board for a campaign setup.  Well, actually it's never left the drawing board.

So I've decided to start over again from scratch.  What's known or what is definite is that there are certain traits that must exist in my campaign world.  In other words these things listed below must be present but they do not have to be present all at once.  I know what I must do and that is to start small.  I've tried to fit in too many things at once, even tried making them all smaller and making the map smaller but there are simply too many.  Another issue is trying to decide what miniature scale.  However it seems pretty clear.

6mm:  Just not enough in fantasy to justify it.
10mm:  There are plenty of historicals and OOP Warmaster can, for now, be found on eBay.
15mm:  Obvious choice, abundant and plenty to choose from.
25mm:  Another good choice, however I like small game tables and the smaller scales are faster to paint up.  But that said I plan to do almost all dungeon delving in 25mm.  However I do have a good stash of Caesar 1/72 fantasy for that as well as 15mm.

Elves:  Now, my first thoughts are that I want High Elves and Wood Elves but maybe that's pushing it.  Maybe a combination of the two will work? Also Drow or Dark Elves, these guys for sure will be featured, the easy part for them is I do not have to mix them with the previous two.  Might take a closer examination of Elvendom in Warmachine, I believe they have them there but only as a single faction.  That's not to say that I am copying and pasting, not at all simply getting more information.

Imperial Humans:  Here's a tough one.  This comes from my love of the Warhammer fiction novels.  Love the Emperor, Sigmar, Witch Hunters, and Steam Tanks.

Low or High Magic:  Just a year or so ago I would have quickly said High Magic like D&D but Game of Thrones and the Warded Man series has given me a new found respect for a low magic campaign.  How do I find a middle ground on that one?

Dwarfs:  Warhammer and Warcraft Dwarfs, awesome in a small package.  The road block I run into is that I have many different models for Dwarfs.  So I thought of making two breeds of dwarf, Mountain and Hill or Imperial Dwarf.  Mountain dwarfs hardy and stoic like the Warcraft/Hammer dwarfs.  Hill or Imperial Dwarfs smaller in stature and live among humans.  I guess I need to inventory my "Hill/Imperial" dwarfs and see if I have enough to finish an army with a few left over for skirmish games and if not sell them.

Great Enemy:  In the barren lands of Nod, there rules the Great Enemy of the West.  You get the picture.

Orcs & Goblins:  Not much of a problem really.  Only issue is trying to decide between LotR/D&D orcs or Warhammer types.

Desert Army:  As in Krasia from the Warded Man.  Gotta have it.

Daemons and other monsters that stalk the night with the good folk using protective wards to keep them at bay.  More Warded Man stuff.

Winterfell from GoT.  Love the Starks and their sigil, like the Lannisters too.  Gotta have the Night Watch as well.

Creon: From Total Annihilation Kingdoms.  Very similar to Warmachine.

Border Princes:  A good place to plant ideas for new armies.

So what I'm thinking of is a campaign with few gunpowder weapons, they do exist, just rare and very costly.  Magick is evident but uncommon, seen a little more than rare but is not an every day thing.  People lock up at night behind warded doors and windows due to the daemon/monster threat.  Several interesting races and mysterious lands to discover.

Also I think once the Duchess and I move to our new home late next Winter this will really take off.  As I'll be settled into our new home for at least the next 10 years (crosses fingers) and I'll have a better inventory of my lead pile.

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