Thursday, April 25, 2013

D&D Adventure Game: Castle Ravenloft

Today my son James and I played our first game of the D&D Boxed Game Castle Ravenloft.  The rules are a bit vague which caused lots of confusion but we trudged through.  Things are tough in Castle Ravenloft and as you can see from the pictures the game didn't last long.  In fact it took longer to unpunch all the cardboard pieces and set the game up then it did to play.  However it's D&D and that simply brings fun to the table.  I think we'll need to modify the game with some house rules to make play flow more smoothly.   I paid $65 for the box about 2 years ago and it was worth it, it comes with a load of 25mm miniatures.

James was the mage and I the dragonborn fighter.

First monster, a zombie!

Another zombie!

Every room had a trap!

Spiders, killed us. The end.

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