Friday, February 15, 2013

New Factions as of February 2013

I've been rethinking how I want my campaign to run.  I redrew the map and started with a smaller campaign area and have reduced the factions for it accordingly.  I can always expand it later.  So with that in mind here is, yet again, another faction listing for Aeyr.

The West
The Reichmark Empire:  The largest state in the west.  The Reichmark is a confederation of many smaller petty kingdoms whom in ages past banded together in common cause for defense and trade.  The petty states of the Reichmark currently number 150 but that number often changes due to internal strife, political wrangling and outright hostilities.  The lords of the Reichmark states elect from among themselves the Emperor to serve as the Imperial Head of State.

The Ulthantis Empire:  At one time a quarter of the worlds populace lived and died under the reign of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthantis.  Today the Elven Empire has retreated to their island homelands, leaving behind cousins whom separately rule the four last enclaves of Elves on the western continent.

The Kingdom of Breton:  The Guy de Leon rules the Bretons with his captial in the city of Breton which lies on the Sword Coast in the south.  Breton is not as wealthy as their northern neighbors but they are a force to reckon with.  The predominantly human the Bretons worship Danu the Sea Nymph, an Elven diety.

The Duchy of Aphetto:  Aphetto lies to the south of Breton.  It's hot climate makes it an ideal place for olives, wine and many spices.  The Doge of Aphetto has grown rich from his city's trade and has raised an impressive army for defense but he is more than content to keep his army behind the city walls.  At least for the time being.  What other kingdoms might do on the battlefield, the Doge does on the marketplace.

The Caliphate of Krasia:  Krasia is the southernmost human kingdom in the west.  It lies on the Sword Coast and borders the Great Sand Sea.  The Krasians are a militant society with all aspects of life geared towards war, specifically fighting the demonic threat that rises each night in the world of Aeyr.  The are highly religious and worship the God of War.

The Grand County of Casterly Rock:  The Lannister family has ruled Casterly Rock for hundreds of years.  Their emblem is the Lion and they are power hungry and ambitious.  Tywin Lannister the Count eyes an empire of his own and would have one had his neighbors been a bit weaker.  From Casterly Rock to Lannisport, Count Tywin rules one of the larger kingdoms in the west.

The Duchy of Miln:  Is unique in that the head of state is a man but his chief counsel are only women.  Duke Euchor rules Miln upon the advise of the Council of Mothers.  Miln was once known as the Jewel of the North when their mines produced untold riches but their veins are not producing as they once did and many have been shut down completely.

The Bishopric of Gavony:  Gavony is ruled by the Church of Avacyn, the Archangel.  It's leader is known as the Lunarch.  The good folk of Gavony are a superstitious lot but not without good reason for their realm borders The Black Forest, home to werewolves, vampires, and other eldritch creatures.

The Barony of Candlekeep:  Candlekeep sits on the northern shore of the Sword Coast.  It's the last city before the long trek to Winterfell and the Black Castle.  The Lord of Candlekeep is a bannerman to the Winter King who rules the north from his fortress in Winterfell.

The Kingdom of Winterfell:  Winter is Coming, the motto of the Winterfell and the Winter King.  Winterfell is one of those rarest of places where a man can become more than he was born.  The Noble House Stark has ruled over Winterfell for centuries.  Rob Stark sits upon the Frozen Throne as the Winter King.  The youngest monarch in the west, but one of the most powerful.

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