Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Campaign Map

I've designed a new campaign map, this one is much smaller and fits in certain fantasy elements that I wanted.  I'm not going to define too many borders but rather leave them open for deeper delving.  Needless to say the  Lords of Aeyr rule over the areas immediately around their holds.  The two exceptions that I've made are the Elven Enclaves, and the Reichmark Empire.  The map represents the western most lands of Aeyr which are bounded by the Sea of Swords in the West, the Frozen Wastes in the North, the Great Sand Sea in the South and the something I've yet to name in the East.

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Maxamillian Walker said...

Looks interesting. I find if you start small,you add to it later almost naturaly. I did that and now i have a whole world drawn out.