Friday, February 8, 2013

Mayhem Fantasy Mass Battles Playtest Game Conclusion

Alright, back from lunch with the Mrs and a trip to the Post Office to mail some toy soldiers.  I picked back up where I left off.  The rest of the game ran much smoother and faster too.

Elves kill off a unit of Skeleton Swordsmen.  While the Wight Guard advances.

Skeleton Warriors and Elf Cav get stuck in proper.

Elves continue to stomp on the bones of the Undead.

Skeletons smack down some Elves and gives them a disorder marker.

Skeletal Archers shoot at the advancing Elf Spearmen and inflict disorder upon them.  This was interesting as I did not roll to hit but took the default value since the target was well within effective range.  The damage produced the disorder.

Wights inflict disorder on the Elven archers.

Elvish turn, and they fail as the Skeleton Swordsmen slay them  horribly.

Seeing their brethren smote down the remaining Elven cavalry roll double 1's on their foe.

Elven Archers flank the Wight Guard and sent them back to the shadow.

The battlefield at the start of next turn.  Above the Wight Knights approach on their hell steeds.

I chose to use the dangerous roll for movement and it paid off, the Wight Knights get stuck in.

With some good Command Points the Skeleton Swordsmen flank the Elven Cavalry  to no avail, resulting in a skeletal unit being destroyed.

The Wight Knights bring disorder and ruin with them.

Elf Cav lines up to assault their Skeletal foes.

Melee resulted in the Elves becoming disordered.

The Wight Knights continue their dark work.

Archers shoot again.

The last Elf Cavalry with their field commander, fall.  Disorder marker and a loss on the die = death.

I used some CP to bring the Wights around on the Elf Archers killing one.

Battlefield prior to end.

More CP trickery, I had 6 CP left over and used them to create this melee.  Booyah Elves!
Mayhem is an interesting game, I will continue to explore it and see if I can master it.  I'm sure the next game will flow better.  I will focus more on army building for the next battle.  More Mayhem to come.


El Grego said...

Very nice little report!

I purchased Mayhem recently also but have yet to try it - could be very interesting...

Brent Spivey said...

Thanks for the great report!

It looks like you really started to hit your stride and get into the flow of the game after lunch. Can't wait to see what you do with the system after you have a couple of games under your belt.