Friday, February 8, 2013

Mayhem Fantasy Mass Battles Playtest Turns 1 & 2

Still reading the Mayhem rules and am trying to determine how things work.  There are several interesting concepts in the game.  I assembled 2 armies of 150 points each, elves and undead.  As my college son is not around to help playtest I decided to play out two turns solo and see where it goes.  I will continue the battle after I hear back from the author and after I return home from taking my wife to lunch.  

My First Thoughts
Some concepts are not explained when they are introduced like "Push" and "Deadlock" this leaves me feeling puzzled.  Various die types are used and you want to roll low, with a one being a critical success.  Movement is based on a die roll and to hit in ranged combat is unique and kind of a neat idea.  I was in hopes that this might be the long awaited fantasy rules I've always wanted but alas there is a lot of tedious small math in the rules, however when actually played it might be different. (It has been different so far, see bottom.)

Both armies assembled on a 2'x2' board.  Gave each a Command Die of d10, Elves rolled a 7.

Elves prepare their lines, I reformed them to take advantage of the 3 unit "advance" rule.

Undead await with a cold gaze.

Elves advance as well as 3 units of Skeleton Swordsmen.  The Elven archers shot at the Wight Guards with the banner , the distance was 12" so a 12 was needed to hit, I rolled 3d12 and no hits.

Wights use the "Danger" option for movement and advance rapidly towards the Elves.  Movement is based on a die type and you can either take the default value for the die type, in this case a d8 with a default of 4 or you can roll the die and see how many inches they move.  The Wights moved 6 and 7 inches.  I like this rule.

Elf turn and their heavy cav squares up on a unit of Wights, now if I read the rules correctly the Elves have 3d12 with the Wights a single d8.  Scores shown in the picture and you take the best score of the dice thrown.  In this case the Elves scored a critical hit with that 1 roll and destroyed the Wights.  My question now is did the Wights cause disorder on the Elves with their 2 roll?
My Second Thoughts
Well, I like the movement rules, and the ranged combat rules on rolling to hit based on distance.  I'm still foggy on how command works and I'm not decided on melee yet nor army building.  Seems a lot of troops stand around waiting.  Need more experience with the game.

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