Friday, November 30, 2012

Minis Order from Khurasan Miniatures

Placed my first order with Khurasan Miniatures tonight.  I have models coming to form 2 factions for my fantasy campaign.  Krasia (Khurasan) and The White Empire (Pre-Samurai.)  Both will be eastern kingdoms with the White Empire in the far east.  Krasia will be based upon the novel The Desert Spear by Peter Brett.  I will update this post with the delivery date and a review of the minis and service offered by Khurasan.  So far Khurasan is very fast to answer email on questions I had about their products.

UPDATE: Dec 8th: It's been 8 days now and have not heard anything so I checked back with Khurasan.  They responded very quickly but said that they have yet to prepare my package but that it should get done and shipped out on Monday.

UPDATE: Dec 17th Minis arrived today.  All present and accounted for.

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Maxamillian Walker said...

Lookinf forward to seeing the new troops!