Thursday, August 16, 2012

HOTT Battle: Barbarians vs Undead

My son, James and I fought a Hordes of the Things battle yesterday.  It was much fun.  I commanded the victorious undead while James played his unpainted barbarians.  I told him he would lose playing with an unpainted army.  I played with 5 horde elements, 1 Hero (Gn), 1 Behemoth, 2 Knights, 1 Lurker and 3 shooters.  James had 6 warband (Gn), 2 Blades, 1 Hero and 1 Mage.  

The Undead Horde led by the Black Duke in his war chariot.  The bone giant was a quick fill-in, which is why his side is facing forward, (40mm edge) I am going to have to find one for my 15mm army.  

The lines draw near.  I let my behemoth get stuck in on the wrong side away from the barbarian warbands.   In the upper back you can see that my knights became bogged down in bad going while attempting to flank the warband group.  The barbarians quickly closed the gap trapping the knights in the stone circles and brought ruin upon them.

James sizing up what to do with his plethora of repeated 1 die result PiP rolls.  MWUHAHAHA.  Meantime the Black Duke maneuver his army in for the kill.
Tension mounts.  I was debating running my Behemoth around the volcano (impassable) and smoting the mage.  I changed that plan and it resulted in the loss of my behemoth to his blades.
My Lurkers ambush the Barbarian Hero, combat resulted in a draw.  Next bound  was another draw however  by the third bound the lurkers were fleeing.  However they held the Hero there long enough for my knights to move in close by and catch the Hero as he was trying to exit the standing stones and thusly did they smote his ruin upon them.

The Undead were defenders, behind them is their graveyard stronghold of Morthul Gul.

Skeletal Knights.  They took out the enemy Hero but were, ironically, themselves caught in the same bad going.

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