Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Mythic Storm Rises in the East....

The Goblin Shaman Zoule, awoke in a cold sweat
from a fevered dream. He had received a vision from the savage gods. A vision of a new chieftan, a mighty warrior that could unite the Orc clans as one and shake the foundation of the world.

He would have to find the Blood Orc named Gritznak the Bold. Then convince him that the savage gods had annointed him Warlord and Chief of Black Rock and to raise a warband to kill the old chief. Zoule found Gritznak in the Orc Camp of the Black Rock Clan. Black Rock is called such for the huge black rock that fell from the sky in ages past and crashed upon the summit of a sloping hill in the Great Wastes. Zoule cautiously approached Gritznak, with spell ready in case the Blood Orc refused his counsel. True to the Blood Orc's nature, he had no trouble turning him against the chief and to fight for the leadership of the clan. Gritznak was able to summon followers by convincing them that the magic of the chief was dead and that he, Gritznak the Bold had new and powerful magic.

Advised by Zoule, Gritznak hid himself and his followers while the majority of the clan went out for the daily hunt. With just a few orcs remaining, older females and orclings; the chieftan was virtually alone, with only three trusted bodyguards, a single archer and 2 pet goblins in the chief's great hut.

The lone archer was posted as a sentry outside the hut and as he turned and eyed Gritznak's warband, he barely had time to squeal before an arrow pierced his throat and he drowned in his own black blood. The Chief and his crewe ran out to meet the invaders, surprised to see Gritznak, a few warriors and 2 goblins wearing a mix of blue paint.

The Chief's Crewe

Gritznak and Zoule with Warband

Gritznak indeed found the Chief's magic was ebbing and he could feel magic springing up within him. He ordered his own archer and a warrior to circle around the hut while he led the rest head on at the chieftan. His old nostrils sniffing blood the Old Chief charges with his bodyguard at the usurper.

The Chief is old but still deadly!

The Chief was indeed getting old but he had many battle scars and cut a deadly swathe into Gritznak's warband, wounding Gritznak and killing one of his warriors. Gritznak's archer soon cut down another bodyguard, while Gritznak stomped and crushed one of the Chief's pet goblins. Zoule burned up another bodyguard with baelfire spellcraft.

The melee continues and soon the Chief kills two more of Gritznak's warriors and wounds the Blood Orc. But with his bodyguard gone the Chief is soon cut down in the final melee. Zoule cuts off the Chief's head and splashes his blood upon Gritznak and annoints him Chief of the Black Rock Clan. In celebration Chief Gritznak allows his warriors to feast upon the dead chieftain and BBQ his remaining pet goblin.

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