Friday, November 30, 2012

Minis Order from Khurasan Miniatures

Placed my first order with Khurasan Miniatures tonight.  I have models coming to form 2 factions for my fantasy campaign.  Krasia (Khurasan) and The White Empire (Pre-Samurai.)  Both will be eastern kingdoms with the White Empire in the far east.  Krasia will be based upon the novel The Desert Spear by Peter Brett.  I will update this post with the delivery date and a review of the minis and service offered by Khurasan.  So far Khurasan is very fast to answer email on questions I had about their products.

UPDATE: Dec 8th: It's been 8 days now and have not heard anything so I checked back with Khurasan.  They responded very quickly but said that they have yet to prepare my package but that it should get done and shipped out on Monday.

UPDATE: Dec 17th Minis arrived today.  All present and accounted for.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

15mm Mercenary Army: The Black Hearts

Introducing the Black Hearts.  A Feudal Lords Army.  A collection of mercenaries and outlaws.  Actually a fantasy army for extra, miscellany & oddball miniatures that don't seem to fit anywhere else.  The four elements of Knights I might move to make another army with, but the foot elements are solid parts of the Black Hearts.

SBH Warband: Prince Wulfgar's Retinue

Painted up my first full warband for Song of Blades & Heroes and my skirmish game Myth.  Prince Wulfgar, see earlier posts, and his loyal companions.  Prince Wulfgar has the golden helmet with red crest.  His cloak has a protective ward on sewn onto the back.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

SBH Adventure: The Woodsman's Cottage

Three brave adventurers were hired by a wood cutter to rid his home of the four goblin invaders that had taken in it from him and his wife.  The three adventurers set forth, Kenos, the Half-Elf Wizard, Logar the Human Warrior and Pik the Halfing Slinger.  When they arrived at the cottage they found the goblins  returning from foraging in the nearby Black Forest.  "What luck, a fight in the open." Logar thought.

The two opposing warbands.
The wizard and warrior move forward for the fight, with the wizard wisely using the corner of the cottage as cover.  While Pik the Halfing is still mustering his courage to join the fight.
Wizard & Warrior both rolled 3 successes and moved long.   Halfling rolled 2 dice both failed.
The Goblin leader, Hursnak bullied his goblins forth to defend their prize.

Goblins advanced up. Logar begins to move forward long and ends in base contact with a goblin.
 Logar brings death down with his mighty sword and shield and fells a goblin.
The beads were used to show positive dice modifiers.
 Stunned by the ferocity of the human warrior and the bolts of lightening from the wizard the goblin leader fails to control his warband.  While Logar continues his assault.
Goblins fail to activate Logar fights on.

The Wizard attempts to aid Logar by transfixing his opponent.

But Logar seriously misjudges his swing and misses the transfixed goblin!
 Finally Pik has found his bravery and moves forward over 2 turns and launches a lead ball to the skull of a goblin knocking him down.
Halfling finally rolls good.
 Meanwhile Logar and his opponent continue to fight it out while the Goblin Leader is content to await the outcome.
Goblin activation rolls fail, combat ends in draw.

Wizard transfixes goblin again!
 The Wizard turns the air acrid with his arcane spell and transfixes Logar's opponent giving Logar another opportunity to smite the foul thing!
Gruesome kill!
 Seeing their companion slaughtered so viciously the goblins fall back to the forest.
Logar scowls at the goblins; taunting them to fight him.
 After Logar's taunt the goblins charge him together and combat with Logar striking down the leader!
I jacked this up, Logar killed the goblin but I was too preoccupied with taking the picture to fully understand what had happened resulting in a fallen model outcome.
 With the leader down and vulnerable Logar smote his ruin upon the hillside as the wizard moves in to assist.
Gruesome kill!
 With his leader and cousins slain the last goblin flees crying into the wilderness.
Three morale failures, BOOM. Bye Bye.

With the goblins dead and gone the adventurers escort the woodcutter and his wife back to their cottage and are thanked by having their weapons sharpened by the woodcutter and his wife made them all a great feast with apple pie for desert!  This was my first attempt at Solo-SBH.  I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


When night settles on the world of Aeyr the mist will rise and this allows daemons, undead, and other eldritch creatures to walk the aeyrth.  The civilized folk of Aeyr have learned how to use protective magic wards to keep them and their property safe from attack at night.  However, you don't want to be caught out in the open with no wards to protect you.  At daybreak comes respite from the monsters, as sunlight will destroy them with an unquenchable fire, this is known as the Ban.  However there are creatures immune to the Ban.  Orcs and goblinkind, dragons, kolbolds, beastmen, and others suffer no effects from sunlight, although they typically don't like it.

Western armies fighting each other have been known to stand together against daemon assault when their battles carried over into dusk.  Smart generals will ward their camps at night.  However, many generals will send out assassins and spies at night in the hopes they can slip through unnoticed by both daemon and men and carry out their dire work.  All this being said it's rare to spot a daemon at night, but they are there and you never know if they are watching or hunting you.

New World Campaign Map

The new map shows the redrawn duchies of Westmark, as well as the added kingdoms of Verona, Aramon, and Cador.  The Barony of Drak Wald has been reduced.  The Orclands are now called the The Badlands and have been redrawn for campaign building.  Ulthantis was moved farther west from the Pridelands.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Campaign Character: Wulfgar Godwonson

Using my campaign mechanics I've rolled up my first character for the campaign.  His name is Wulfgar Godwonson, more on the name later.  I rolled a 6 and he is the son of a King, which gives him an extra 5 gold and an extra 50 points in the warband builder.  Rolling for his wealth I rolled a 3, for a total of 8 gold crowns to start.

Using the Warband Builder I have 300 points to spend on my starting retinue.  Here is what I have thus far.

Prince Wulfgar's Retinue
Prince Wulfgar Godwonson; Points: 100; Quality: 3; Combat 4; Spec Rules: Hero, Leader
Rothgar Thorson; Points: 36; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules:  Fearless, Savage, Steadfast
Hengst Vanhdal; Points: 36; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules:  Fearless, Savage, Steadfast
Ulric Wulfbane; Points: 42; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Fearless, Shooter: Long, Steadfast
Odric Snowson; Points: 42; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Fearless, Shooter: Long, Steadfast
Sigvald Thorson; Points: 41; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Acrobat, Fearless, Stealth, Traps

Prince Wulfgar was born in the Kingdom of Wolfthorn.  His father was Badenwulf Stormson one of Agnar Gudrun's, the Winter King, chief thanes and close friends, whom held his own hall among the Wolf Clans of Everwinter.  Wulfgar was yet unborn when his father died and his hall was granted to his brother Sigurn the Red.  Keeping a promise he made to Badenwulf while he lay dying on the battlefield, from wounds suffered while fighting the daemons of the night, the Winter King, took Wulfgar's mother into his own hall as one of his wives.  Thus when Wulfgar was born he was given the name Godwonson, as in he was the son of the king since Ulric the God of Winter and Wolves won him for the king, this refers to the oath sworn by the king to Badenwulf.  As an adopted son he would be raised as a prince in the king's halls but he would never inherit the throne.  Nor could he claim his father's hall since he was yet unborn when his father died.

One thing set Wulfgar apart from the rest of the court, something he shared directly with the Winter King, he was a true hybrid, born of the Wolf Clans but raised in the Dragon Clans.  Wulfgar knew the culture and politics of both clans and how to navigate them.  A pity the kingdom would not recognize his uniqueness.

Further since there was unlikely to be any campaign launched for new lands in the south, there would be no new halls created for Wulfgar to hold.  Wulfgar would have to choose life as either a member of the Winter Guard, an adventurer for hire in the south, or seek his own kingdom in the east.  Wulfgar and his closest friends set out for glory in the east.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Campaign System 1.0, & Updates

I have been planning this campaign for quite some time, with only a few campaign games being played thus far, and those only involving greenskins.  The reason for this "blockage" is that I failed to heed sage old advice about starting a campaign small.  I hit the mark with my orc wars but couldn't find where I really wanted to seriously begin.  Anyway, I thought I would write down my thought process on the campaign system.  Currently I am leaning towards launching the campaign around a single character who adventures forth to claim or re-claim a throne for himself.

If playing in the badlands, you are free to conquer where you wish, if in any of the western realms you must obtain your lord's permission to attack your neighbor.  To garner your lord's favor for your campaign against your foe, roll 1d6, on a 5+ it is granted.  For 100g you can add +1 to your die roll result.

CY = Campaign Year = 24 turns.

Gold Crowns
Silver Farthing(100 Silver = 1 Gold)
Copper Shilling(100 copper = 1 Silver)

Army Maintenance Cost Per CY
1 Soldier, 1g
1 Rider, 2g
1 Knight, 3g
1 Noble, 4g
1 Mage, 5g

Warband Maintenance Cost Per CY
1g per 100 points.

Assumptions, skirmishers are 1:1, army element cost is abstract and based on the number of figures per base, so an element of 3Kn would cost 9g.  An element of 3Sh would cost 3g.  

Fortifications, Special Items and Weapons Cost
Tower, 10g
Fort, 25g
Castle, 100g
Mine, 15g
Mill, 10g
Granary, 10g
Harbor, 25g

Tax Income Per CY
1 Village, 1g
1 Town, 5g
1 City, 10g
Major City, 25g

The tax rate can be doubled however, when you do this people will leave for new lands where the local lord has a more firm grasp on economic reality.  Emigration occurs at the rate of 1 municipality downgrade per CY.  So a village that has it's tax doubled will disappear at the end of the current CY.  A town will downgrade to a village, and a city will become a town.  

If you fail to protect your people from enemy or monster raids, they will leave.  Emigration will occur if any municipality is raided twice in a CY.  Downgrade one level by the end of the CY.  The punitive effects of a raid can be offset by an expedition to reclaim stolen goods and kidnapped folk.

Municipalities can be upgraded by towers, forts and castles.  Any village that receives a tower will upgrade to a town by the end of the CY.  If a fort is placed that village will upgrade to a city at the end of 2CY.  If a Castle then in 4CY the village will have grown into a major city. Also any town that receives a fort will upgrade to a city at the end of the CY.  Any city that receives a castle will upgrade to a major city at the end of the CY.  If any settlement loses it's castle, fort or tower, it will downgrade one level at the end of the CY.

Other Income Sources
Dungeoncrawling, per the adventure.  (Leading your brave warband on a delve below.)
Defeating enemy warband, 1d20s per enemy killed. (Loot, ransom and slaves.)
Defeating enemy army, 1d6g per element destroyed. (Loot, ransom and slaves.)
Conquering an new territory, 1d6g per village, 2d6g per town, 3d6 per city, 4d6g per major city.
Gold Mine, 2d20g per CY
Silver Mine, 3d6g per CY
Copper Mine, 2d6g per CY
Gem Mine, 2d6g per CY
Other Mine, 1d6g per CY
Lumber Mill, 1d6g per CY
Granary, 1d6g per CY
Mithril Mine, 2d20g per CY
Sea Harbor, 2d6 per CY
Lake Harbor, 1d3g per CY

Sacked & Harried (This action destroys the municipality.)
Village, 2d6g
Town, 3d6g
City, 4d6g
Major City, 6d6g

Claiming New Territory (After Generating)
If entering an undefended territory roll, 1d6, if the roll is a 1 the populace will rise up united against you.  Fight and win either a skirmish or mass battle to gain control. Small territories will not fight your army head to head, they know they can't win.  You must fight a skirmish battle with your designated skirmish troops.  Skirmishing is the only way to defeat them.  Determining battle type will depend on the territorial population.  Use chart below.

Territorial Municipalities
No cities, and less than 3 towns, then skirmish, else mass battle.

Territorial Warband Composition
1d6 Warriors for each municipality, and 1d3 archers.

So a territory with 4 villages and 1 town, roll 5d6 (result 16) and 1d3 (result 3) would have 16 warriors and 3 archers in it's warband.  Designate 1 warrior model to be the leader.

Territorial Army Element Composition
If 3 towns and no cities then the army will comprise: 1d6+1 Hordes, 1d6 Riders, and 1d3 Shooters.
If 3 towns and 1 or more cities then: 1d6+1 Hordes, 1d6 Riders, 1d6 Shooters, and 1d6 Spears.

Territory Generation
Prior to battle, when your army enters a new territory or you send your scouts to reconnoiter generate the territory as follows.

Scouts Reveal (Always roll for villages first.)
Villages: 1d6 (If 2 or less then no civilized human population, roll for monster tribes.)
Towns: 1d3
Cities: 1d6, roll 5+ for a city.

Monster Tribes (Roll 1d6)
1. Orcs & Goblins (1d6 tribes)
2. Lizardmen (1d6 tribes)
3. Beastmen (1d6 herds)
4. Ratmen (1d6 clans)
5.  Barbarians (1d6 tribes)
6.  Chaos/Evil/Bandits (1d6 warbands)

Forest, Mines, and other Resources (Roll 1d6 3x on this table)
1.  Fertile Fields
2.  Immense Forests
3.  Lakes and Ponds
4.  Dungeon
5.  Other Mines
6. Precious Metals/Stones Mine

If 5 or 6 roll to see what type of mine.

Other Mines (add their bonus to the standard income roll.)
1.  Lead
2.  Tin +1g per CY
3. Brass +2g per CY
4+ Iron +3g per CY

Precious Metals/Stones Mine(add their bonus to the standard income roll.)
1.  Minor Gem, +1g per CY
2.  Copper, +2g per CY
3. Silver, +3g per CY
4. Valued Gem, +4g per CY
5. Mithril, +5g per CY
6. Gold, +10g per CY

Enemy/Monster Raids
At the start of each CY, roll 1d6 for each territory you control.  On a roll of 1, that territory has an raiding warband present and will shortly begin to plunder and pillage.  If a territory is raided roll to see who the enemy is, how big their force is and where they will attack first.

Enemy/Monster Raiders

1. Orcs & Goblins
2. Lizardmen
3. Beastmen
4. Ratmen
5.  Barbarians
6.  Chaos/Evil/Bandits

Enemy Force Size:  Roll 1d6, if a 5+ then the enemy force is substantial, muster your army, if 4 or less than send out your patrols to deal with them.  (Mass battle or skirmish battle.)

Attacked Village:  Bad guys will always attack the weak first.  Start with any village and roll 1d6, if 4+ then that is where the first attack begins.  If the village has a newly built tower, it can hold off the attackers each turn that it rolls a 4+ while awaiting rescue by your forces.  If no village, then you have 1d3 turns to arrive, if the village is beyond your reach it will be sacked and the enemy force will grow stronger.  (+1d6 warriors if skirmish, +1 element if mass force.) 

Campaign Movement:  It takes 1 turn to move through any friendly territory, 2 turns to move through neutral territory and 3 turns to move through hostile territory if not attacked.

Whether you lead your army in the field or from your castle there will always be someone who covets your throne and will attempt to steal it.  At the start of each CY, roll 1d6, on a 1, you have been or are about to be betrayed.  Assassination attempt, army or territory rebellion, which will it be, roll 1d3 to find out.

Betrayal Type
1.  Assassination
Roll 1d6, on a 6 you are dead, either poisoned, shot or stabbed.

2.  Army Revolt
Your trusted field commander has betrayed you and has roused parts of the army to follow him.  Roll 1d6 for each element/soldier in your army, on a 4+ they turn against you and you must face them in battle with your loyal soldiers that remain.  If you have more than 1 field army, roll 1d6 to decide which army group has betrayed you.

3.  Territory Rebellion
A rebellious lord has betrayed your generosity and has proclaimed himself "Prince" in the lands that you graciously bestowed upon him.  Any army elements/soldiers stationed there are loyal to the usurper and you must fight them and any other warbands/armies he can raise.  See Territorial Warband/Element Composition.  You also lose access to that territory's income for the duration of the rebellion, if put down in 6 turns or less you can gain the income upon victory, if not you gain half.

Campaign Character Creation
Roll 1d6 to determine your birth, wealth, and extra warband points.  You begin with 300 character points to spend in the Warband Builder.  You can also spend your starting gold to add extra points.

1.  Son of a Peasant, +5 pts
2.  Son of a Merchant. +1g, +10 pts
3.  Son of a Knight. +1g, +20 pts
4.  Son of a Baron. +2g, +30 pts
5.  Son of a Duke. +4g, + 40 pts
6.  Illegitimate son of the King. +5g, +50 pts

Wealth, roll 1d6 the result is how much gold you start the campaign with.

Henchmen, spend your starting warband points and/or gold to hire henchmen to join your warband.  1 gold crown equals 100 points in warband creation.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Grand Kingdom of Westmark

The Grand Kingdom of Westmark could more aptly be titled an empire, since it is a confederation of eight petty kingdoms ruled by a single High King.  One hundred years ago the Eight Kingdoms were united by King Robert Baratheon, the other 7 kings still held power in their domains but swore fealty to Robert and had their titles changed to "Lord of" whichever of the Eight Kingdoms they ruled.  Those whom Robert trusted were sworn Wardens and allowed to maintain an army.  Westmark is ruled from the city of King's Landing on the coastal plain.  Robert tried in vain to add Everwinter as a vassal but he was soundly defeated by the Winter King's armies.

Friday, August 24, 2012

HOTT: Barbarian Hero

My son, a UA student, has had a Barbarian Army for Hordes of the Things for several years.  It has remained in it's storage box, unpainted on my army shelf since 2007.  We had a game with them a last week.  So I thought I would paint up his Hero for him.  Complete with magic spear.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Painting Update

Spent some time this morning painting up my son's Hero element for his Barbarian HOTT Army.  He rides a great stag.  I can't post pictures yet because Heather took the camera to her mother's house this weekend.  I really like how it turned out.  I'll post a picture later on in the week.  Just to tease you I painted his spear-tip Metallic Ice Blue to add to the point that this Hero bears a magic weapon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Abandoned Army: Tomb Kings for Fantasy Impetus

I have decided to abandon my Tomb Kings Fantasy Impetus Army, I gave up on Fantasy Impetus and returned to DBx but was unable to convert these stands over to HotT, as you can see from the picture below.  Now the 2 bone giants are based for HOTT on a 60mm frontage but the large bases are 120mm.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

HOTT Battle: Barbarians vs Undead

My son, James and I fought a Hordes of the Things battle yesterday.  It was much fun.  I commanded the victorious undead while James played his unpainted barbarians.  I told him he would lose playing with an unpainted army.  I played with 5 horde elements, 1 Hero (Gn), 1 Behemoth, 2 Knights, 1 Lurker and 3 shooters.  James had 6 warband (Gn), 2 Blades, 1 Hero and 1 Mage.  

The Undead Horde led by the Black Duke in his war chariot.  The bone giant was a quick fill-in, which is why his side is facing forward, (40mm edge) I am going to have to find one for my 15mm army.  

The lines draw near.  I let my behemoth get stuck in on the wrong side away from the barbarian warbands.   In the upper back you can see that my knights became bogged down in bad going while attempting to flank the warband group.  The barbarians quickly closed the gap trapping the knights in the stone circles and brought ruin upon them.

James sizing up what to do with his plethora of repeated 1 die result PiP rolls.  MWUHAHAHA.  Meantime the Black Duke maneuver his army in for the kill.
Tension mounts.  I was debating running my Behemoth around the volcano (impassable) and smoting the mage.  I changed that plan and it resulted in the loss of my behemoth to his blades.
My Lurkers ambush the Barbarian Hero, combat resulted in a draw.  Next bound  was another draw however  by the third bound the lurkers were fleeing.  However they held the Hero there long enough for my knights to move in close by and catch the Hero as he was trying to exit the standing stones and thusly did they smote his ruin upon them.

The Undead were defenders, behind them is their graveyard stronghold of Morthul Gul.

Skeletal Knights.  They took out the enemy Hero but were, ironically, themselves caught in the same bad going.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Standing Stones Terrain

Standing stones for skirmish and mass battlefield terrain.  Shown with 25 and 15mm figures.  Note the arcane writing in the large stone.  The larger stone is cut from foam, the smaller ones are from a stonehenge gift set that I bought at Hastings, all of this sits on an old DVD.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dungeon Progress IV

Wanted to show the current state of the Black Dungeon while I have it out and setup for a quick dungeoncrawl today.  Still has some work to go.  I suppose that I will add a lot more to it over time.  Need another curved ending passageway.  Also want to add a prison and a sewer section.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Home-Cast Orc

I cast this orc last summer and painted it yesterday.  The matte spray did not kick in as well as I hoped but overall I am satisfied.  Home cast using Prince August Fantasy molds.  I think I will use him in my dungeoncrawls.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dungeon Progress III

Finished up a narrow corridor and a mine.  Note the ores in the rocks, gold, copper and mithril.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Black Dungeon, Early Construction

The Black Dungeon thus far. To date only 300 goblins, kolbolds and slaves have died in construction.

Dungeon Progress III

Construction continues upon the Black Dungeon.  The future lair of the Dark Overlord and other villains.  I've finished the starting area, great hall, treasure room, hallway, crossroad, and 3 connectors.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dungeon Progress II

My minions have been hard at work on building the first elements of what will become my vast evil underground lair.  BEHOLD mortals.  The Black Dungeon!

Dungeon Progress

Here are the first few elements for my dungeon project.  Next step is hot glue the pieces of each element.  Then paint.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tor Stonechest

A dwarf hero painted up for adventure!  I shrunk the picture to small, sorry.  Since I've read a lot of the Warhammer fiction it seems strange to me now to see a dwarf model with a sword vice hammer or axe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pathfinder Miniatures

Bought several new boxes of Pathfinder Minis last Saturday.  Two of them I really like and want to improve them a bit.  The paint job on them if fine I just want to add some wash to the minis to bring out their features.  Here is a "before" picture.  After I wash them I will add the "after" picture.

Edit: 6/14/2012  The "after" picture.

Edit: 6/15/2012  The Matte Spray applied picture.  Much better results.

Dungeon Project Begins

I have assembled the materials I need and have begun my dungeon project.  My dungeon will primarily be built from cardboard.  However some items will be made from wood, craft-foam, plaster, metal and plastic.  I have begun construction on generic items like hallways, walls, large and small rooms.  I want to assemble it all in sectional pieces to allow for variable layouts.  The walls will be low to make model movement easier and to accommodate different model scales and sizes.  I will post more with pictures once I have some pieces finished up.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Raumfang, Forest Wyvern of the Feydark

Hand-casted forest dragon or wyvern.  I will base it up for HOTT and make it part of my wood elves army.