Monday, October 24, 2011

Factions Draft 2.0 - The Reichmark

The largest and most powerful of the human kingdoms. The Reich, as it is commonly referred to, is made up of 10 semi-autonomous counties. Eight of the ten counties are ruled by a heraditary monarch, the other two are governed by a ruling city-council. From these counties the Emperor is chosen, being elected by his peers, the city-councils and the heads of the two major cults.

Head of State: Emperor Karl Franz
Capital: Altdorf

Religions & Cults:
The Imperial Cult of Sigmar
Head: The Grand Theoginist, Volkmar von Hindenstern

The Cult of Ulric
Head: Ar Ulric, Emil Valgier

The Frei State of Bittburg
The Principality of Altdorf
The Grand Duchy of Wittenburg
The Grand Barony of Nordland
The Grand County of Averland
The Grand County of Hochland
The Grand County of Middenheim
The Principality of Ostland
The Frei State of Marienburg
The Grand Duchy of Prustland

Thursday, October 6, 2011

HOTT Battle Pic: Lizardmen vs. Wood Elves

My daughter and I fought a HOTT battle today. She commanded wood elves while I led the lizardmen. My forked tongue minions inflicted heavy losses on the elves, 12AP. Here is a close up pic of lizardmen elements bringing the smack down upon some tree elves. The lizardmen won the battle with their only loss being an ensorcelled mage.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Test Battle of HOTT+ Fantasy

I've been working on a HOTT mod for my campaign needs and have had two test battles to date. Here's a picture from the most recent involving undead and wood elves. It involves close combat between a Wood Elf Ent and Dragonfly Drakes vs Undead Pike. Test battles have no effect on the campaign world of Aeyr.

Much more work lies ahead for my HOTT mod. I've changed the direction I was going, and am simply adding new troop types, possibly more spells and slightly increased weapons ranges. Played this battle using a d8 vice d6, but that idea doesn't seem to work very well.