Friday, December 25, 2009

The Black Hearts Free Company

I posted before about my idea of a mercenary free company based on the fictional group of the same name in the Warhammer Fantasy setting. I have painted up another stand of Black Hearts, more spearmen but this time High Elves.

The Black Hearts Free Company thus far:
Captain: Hans Reiner
Standard Bearer: Jurgen Platz
2 Companies of Spearmen.

Total elements for the Black Hearts thus far are 3. Each figure represents 10 men, so each spear element represents 30 men, except for the command stand which represents 18 total.

It is Hans Reiner's goal to one day carve out a barony for himself somewhere in the western kingdoms or build up a large enough army to make a kingdom for himself in the dangerous borderlands southeast of the Gray Mountains.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Western & Elven Kingdoms of Aeyr

Below is the basic list of states/factions that I want to inhabit my fantasy world of Aeyr. I have yet to come up with a map and am not 100% set on the background fiction as of yet. The background will borrow heavily from Warhammer, and there will be factions from the Forgotten Realms thrown in as well. I would just take the Warhammer setting and just go from there but there is too much that I want to do with it or change about it. So here we go. I present to you the first part of the Kingdoms of Aeyr.

1. The Reikland - Emperor Karl Franz, Prince of Altdorf
Commonly referred to as "The Empire" the Reikland is the most powerful and largest kingdom in the west and the most powerful human kingdom in the world. It is a confederation of several smaller states whose rulers vote among themselves to choose their Emperor.

Elector States
The Principality of Altdorf
The Grand Duchy of Wittenburg
The City State of Bittburg
The Grand Duchy of Prustland
The Grand Barony of Nordland
The Grand Principality of Ostland
The City State of Nuln
The Grand Barony of Hochland
The Grand County of Averland
The Grand County of Middenland
The City State of Mordheim (No longer an imperial city; Mordheim was reduced to ruins by a comet)

The Cult of Sigmar & The Cult of Ulric: The titular heads of the two major Imperial religions are seated as electors.

2. Dun Garok - King Durwyn Stonebiter
The mountain dwarves are much larger than both their forest and underdark cousins. This may be due to the harsher existence of carving their homes from and within the great Dragonspine Mountains.

3. Kingdom of Everwinter - High King Agnar Gudrun, the Winter King
Northern city-state confederacy united by the first Winter King over 200 years ago.
Principal cities: Everwinter, Candlekeep.

4.Kingdom of Calenhad - King Guy de Toulon
Calenhad lies to the southwest of the Empire. Calenhad is a human kingdom whose diety is an elven goddess, Danu or The Lady of the Lake as she is known there.

1. The Kingdom of Ulthantis - Aenareion, The Phoenix King
Island kingdom off the west coast of the Empire. At one time 25% of the world lived and died under the reign of the Phoenix Kings. The Phoenix Empire as it was known in ancient times was the largest empire in history. After centuries of internal strife, civil and national wars, the Phoenix Kings declined in power and retreated back to their volcanic island home of Ulthantis.

2. The Forest Kingdoms (Wood Elves)
The wood elves make their homes within the great forests of the world. Their enclaves are all united under the leadership of their king, Eltharion, although he rules indirectly in a ceremonial role. The wood elves jealousy guard their forest homes from all outsiders and have been known to gather together for great threats or other events. Aside from that they are a patchwork of minor tribes that hide deep in the forests.

3. The Dark Elves
The dark elves, commonly referred to as Drow or Druchii by the dwarfs. Live in great city states beneath Aeyr in a vast realm known collectively as The Underdark. The dark elves are an evil race and have matriarchal societies, although on rare occassions a male will rise to dominance. The drow worship their present monarch, Lolth the Spider Queen whom is a mere puppet of Nekash the Witch King.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Battle of the Calenwald Forest

The Calenwald Forest is an immense and ancient wood. It runs from the Wood Elf Kingdom in the south, across the Empire to the border of the Kingdom of Calenhad in the north. The Baron of Lorenz, sent an expiditionary force into the forest to find the white Aeyr trees, so that they could cut them down and bring them back for lumber and other construction. The Aeyr Trees are held as sacred to the elves. As the army entered the forest, Wood Elf scouts kept watch, and once they perceived the threat to the noble white trees they quickly amassed their warden force to do battle to protect the forest.

Upon learning that the elven army approached the baron hurriedly prepared his men for battle. He knew the Elves would not allow him to cut the trees without a fight, his own trees from his own forest, and being a Calenhad noble he was honor bound to fight once it was threatened.
The Elves lined up across the clearing from his army, he gave the order to advance, magic and arrows rained down upon them, yet his men held their line and kept up the march despite heavy losses. Finally in a great clash his men charged the elven line and engaged in hand to hand combat. Both lines wavered but the elven host was able to prevail. The baron and his surviving men were bound and blindfolded, then marched from the forest back into their own lands and left with a warning never to enter the forest again.