Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Fantasy Campaign Project - World of Aeyr

Setting: Aeyr, a world of high & dark fantasy. A world of magic & arcane technology.

Inspiration: Tolkien's Middle Earth, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder Inner Sea Guide, Warmachine, Magic the Gathering: Innistrad, & other fantasy settings.

Games Intention: Hordes of the Things, De Bellis Fantasticus, AD&D Battlesystem, Song of Blades & Heroes, Pathfinder RPG, Tales of Myth & Legend RPG,  D&D, GURPS & others.

"Herein lies the account of Guldas, servant of the wizards, Lawedyr & Dynuil. In my many years of service to my masters I have travelled across, above & beneath the world of Aeyr. I have seen many wonderous things & met many fantastic creatures & people. I have set my pen to paper to recall the great deeds of my masters & other nobles lest men forget.

The lands of the known world are vast, wild and wondrous. From the black gates of Nod in the east to the shimmering crystal blue seas of Ulthantis in the west one will find great forests, mountains, cities and a myriad of creatures. Of the lands beyond the dark lands of Nod I know little. I believe that my masters journeyed there but only briefly and they imparted little of what they saw there. It is believed that nothing exits beyond Nod, just dry barren desert land full of darkness and monsters